In Saint-Michel, comforting dishes can now be enjoyed at Chez Marinette

Since the end of May, a new address has been the place where the gourmet fleuron joins the Place Jeanne-d’Arc. An eco-friendly tea restaurant called Chez Marinette which revisits (and vegetates) traditional French cuisine every noon. All in a simple atmosphere where you quickly feel at home.

You were teased by the opening of Chez Marinette a little over a year ago. Meanwhile, Charlotte, a 32-year-old from Lilloise who is hiding behind the stove, has refined her project, found her place and even had time to have a baby. But last May 25, she embarked on a new adventure by opening her restaurant.

To summarize Charlotte’s story a little, you have to go back to her childhood. From the time when her paternal grandmother Marie-Antoinette, AKA Marinette, cooked for hours good little dishes in her big pots in the spring when she received everyone. You know, those famous family meals with cousins ​​that didn’t end until 5pm on Sunday.

I never cooked with herCharlotte confesses. But it is clear from her that I learned to show others that I loved them by cooking for them. ” The young woman is always told that “one day“She was opening an establishment, it would be called”At Marinette’s”. An idea that has remained sage in a head coin so far …

Like at grandma’s

In her spot in Place Jeanne-d’Arc, in the heart of the Saint-Michel district, she focuses on restoring lunch, even though she has the idea of ​​doing an afternoon show as well. “At the moment I am alone in the kitchen and I have a waitress for the service, so we take the time to grind“, Says Charlotte.

Especially since the cook is busy making everything homemade and concocting good little fresh dishes herself every day. “I found my grandmother’s old recipe book, I’ll be inspired by it but there will also be variations of French dishes. ” Like a vegetable blanket with, for dessert, Marinette’s rhubarb strawberry crumble that Charlotte will make gluten-free. Count around € 12 – € 15 for a flat-dessert combo.

“The blanket is good.”

The book changes every week depending on the products and the shoulder of the party. “I am very attached to the fact that the products are local and seasonal. ” The son of eco-responsible commitment also went through bamboo packaging and bagasse if you want to take a takeaway. And on the kitchen side, it simmers fresh and day to day to avoid the mess. “I also have a contract with a social inclusion association that collects what is left to make compost or biogas,” she added.

On the mood side, you will enter Chez Marinette as if you were going to eat directly at someone’s house. “It was still an apartment before I arrivedexplains the entrepreneur. I decided to keep the fireplace with the mirror on top and keep that intimate and comforting atmosphere. Like what will be on the plate actually. ” There are 28 seats inside and just under a dozen on the terrace.

In addition to opening the aprem, Charlotte still has a lot of plans to change the place in the cartons: offer a brunch, set up a grocery store or jars set aside to take away. In the meantime, we advise you to go and drag your stomach one of these days. Just for the pleasure of devouring simmered and spicy vegetables that fill the can well.

At Marinette’s, it’s at 2 Place Jeanne-d’Arc in Lille. It is open from Monday to Friday from noon to 2.30 pm and to follow the news of the restaurant, it is on Insta.

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