In Savoy, the wild cat returns after a century of absence

In Savoy, the wild cat returns after a century of absence

The wild cat was spotted last April in the Bauges massif in Savoy.

He’s back! After a century of absence, le chat sauvage nicknamed the little tiger des bois and was repeated in the Massif des Bauges, located between Chambéry and Albertville in Savoy.

“The ecosystem is healthy”

As revealed by the Parisian, the wild cat was spotted last April. The meeting was made possible thanks to photographic pieces located at an altitude of 1,500 m, “initially used for tracking wolves and lynx”, explains Richard Cousin, who is in charge of the natural environment mission in the park every day.

The presence of the feral cat is very good news: “It means that the ecosystem is healthy, because it provides the feral cat with the food necessary for its permanent establishment in the territory,” says the professional.

An official protection since 1981

Hunted for its fur and the victim of the detection of its habitat, this “big cat” of 50 cm and up to 5 kg had disappeared in the early twentieth century.

It was not until 1981 that the animal was able to benefit from official protection in France.

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