In the event of a problem on your trajectory, contact your auto insurance support for these reasons

Les automobilistes who insure their vehicle have, in most cases, an assistance guarantee in their contract. Elle can be extremely useful in many situations. En effet, en cas de pépin, iA support service can be contacted which should be available sept jours sur sept, vingt-quatre heures sur vingt-quatre. Voici when the main situations during the insured can benefit.

Pour les besoins de remorquage

Les voitures sont parfois capricieuses and even recent models can cause sudden breakdowns. L’assistance de l’assurance auto peut then intervene at what time. The number is normally written in the attestation, which must always accompany the vehicle.

Une depanneuse can then be sent. It’s a normally free service, sous certaines conditions. It often depends on the terms of the contract. And le place of deposit du vehicle after depannage is quite far, a franchise can be a prevoir.

Pay the compensation at the hotel frequency

The route remains a privileged option for a large number of individuals who need passengers. Nevertheless, lorsqu’ils tombent en panne à des centaines, voire à des milliers de kilometers de chez eux, il est assez difficile de se faire dépanner. So, insurance can then take charge of the location of a room of a hotel room and you would need. Charge once, the amount often depends on the guarantees subscribed by l’automobiliste. Les contrats de base do not permit pas de dépasser un certain plafond expenses.

To request a replacement vehicle

Les souscripteurs aux assurances tout risk in full package ont la chance de pouvoir demander une voiture de remplacement temporaire. What will be very useful to continue to route or for occasional use until the repair of the own vehicle sound.

It is, in fact, a rental car that will be fully charged by the insurer. Cette automobile de secours cannot be provided under certain conditions. Il est alors important de good lire son contrat.

Often varied possibilities depending on the car insurance

Indeed, tous les automobilistes are not pas logés à la même enseigne concernant cette garantie d’assistance. Les adhérents who have opted for les formula les plus basices obtiendront assurement moins de services. Plush, often deductibles will be payable if a maximum coverage area is exceeded for example.

Nevertheless, une assurance tout risque costera évidencem plus cher. Le mieux would be to do a complete overhaul of the vehicle before starting to limit the risks of failure.

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