In what unexpected country was Caesar’s salad born?

Caesar salad, one of the summer classics, this famous salad made from romaine lettuce, hard-boiled egg, croutons and parmesan to which chicken whites are sometimes added. Her name might suggest that she came straight from Italy to us, in homage to the emperor Julius of the same name, Caesar. And yet not at all, she was born to 10,000 km from Italy!

Already Caesar is simply the first name of its creator, Cesare Cardini, rItalian-born sculptor who emigrated to San Diego, California in 1918. He opened a restaurant there that took shape two years later Interdict. No more chianti, grappa, limoncello, it is forbidden to serve them to customers, this is not good news for Cardini’s turnover.

But then he has the clever idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening up an establishment in Tijuana, a Mexican city that touches California. All Americans have to do is cross the border to eat and, most importantly, eat without being outlawed. It is thanks to or rather because of this success that it will be born to Caesar salad.

The weekend of July 4, 1924, a national holiday weekend in the United States, there are so many Americans rushing to our restaurateur that they run out of food. Stuck, Chef Cardini improvises and decides to tinker with a salad with what’s left in the kitchen: chicken, eggs, romaine salad, croutons, garlic, parmesan. It adds olive oil, lemon and this is how one of the most famous salads in the world is born in Mexico.

A salad that came under a new ban in the 1990s when the state of California banned restaurants from selling dishes with eggs for the risk of salmonellosis. A ban finally lifted in 1998.

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