In which area do car insurance premiums cost the most?

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In France, les Français disburses an average of € 632 to insure the vehicle. From one region to another, the difference in contribution prices is almost 30%.

Bad news for motorists! According to the online insurance comparator,, the premiums ofcar insurance climbed 2.9% in 2019, averaging € 632. For an all-risk formula, chosen by one in two French people, this price rises to € 715 / year for an experienced driver and € 1,214 on average for a novice.

If the amount of premiums is largely based on the profile of the insured (his driving experience, his region, his accident rate, the value and power of his car…), exogenous factors also take into account: the increase the cost of repairs, climatic events (such as storms Carmen and Eleanor) or road accidents.

“This year, the increase in the cost of repairs and the sale price of spare parts (+ 6.5% in 2019) partly explains the increase in the premium,” says Amina Walter, CEO of

Large price disparities by region

In 2019, it is located in the Ile-de-France region thatcar insurance costs the most, with an average of € 697 / year on average. According to, this figure explains the high amount of repairs coupled with a high accident rate. While the region accounts for 9% of road deaths, it accounts for 31% of personal injuries (up 2.9%) and 30% of injuries (+ 1.2%) to 19% of the population.

On the city side, Marseille remains the most expensive with an average premium of € 808 / year, placing the PACA region at 2e position of the ranking of the regions where insuring his vehicle weighs the heaviest in the budget.

In contrast, Bretons benefit from the best rates in France, with an average premium of € 537 per year.

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