Increase in deductions for health insurance premiums in direct federal tax –

Following a National motion, the Federal Council decided to increase the deductions for health insurance premiums and savings capital interest under direct federal tax.

People alone will be able to deduct 3,000 francs, compared to 1,700 today. Married couples 6,000 francs, up from 3,500 today. Deductions per child or per person require a change of 700 to 1200 francs.

This project costs 315 million francs for the Confédération and 85 million for the cantons, according to the Federal Council. A reduction of 400 million francs to claim the government’s financial statement.

A motion by Jean-Pierre Grin

The Federal Council is thus implementing a motion by National Councilor Jean-Pierre Grin (UDC / VD) dated 2017, to “compensate for the explosion in Medicare premiums”.

National Councilor Jean-Pierre Grin (UDC-VD). [Anthony Anex – Keystone]

The author of the movement explained when compulsory sickness insurance premiums had increased in recent years throughout Switzerland, while flat-rate deductions had not been adapted as a weak framework for compensating for progression. cold. Purchasing power has therefore been declining year after year.

Launched on June 11, 2021 by the Federal Council, the consultation procedure was completed on October 8, 2021. A majority of participants voted in favor of raising the deductions.

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