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Founded in 1999, India currently has 8 million customers in Europe. For the sixth time in a row, the company is included in the “Champions de la Croissance”. The European specialist and leader in affinity insurance plans to recruit 2,350 new full-time employees, including 1,500 in France. Portrait.

328%. This is the growth rate achieved in 3 years by the company Indexia. A figure that allows you to access the second place du palmarès 2022 des 500 French companies “Champions de la Croissance” in the category “Assurance et Assistance” made by Statista et les Echos. Since its inception 23 years ago, Indexia has specialized in the design and distribution of telephony, multimedia and web services.

In its early days, the company focused on the French market before expanding its business in Europe. As early as 2010, Indexia became the European pioneer in the design of multi-risk insurance coverage (oxidation, breakage, theft and loss). Over time, the group has diversified its activity and is positioned in several areas, such as the repair and recycling of appliances, the creation of websites or the distribution of new or refurbished high-tech products. To date, Indexia has more than 7 million customers across Europe and aims to generate sales of € 1.26 billion in 2022.

Indexia, a very committed actor …

… For 100% local use

At a time when the majority of companies tend to relocate, Indexia has chosen to contribute to the dynamism of its home region, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It is therefore in Romans-sur-Isère, which is the headquarters of Indexia. But the company has also established itself in Paris, Roanne, Geneva, Barcelona and Brussels. An expansion is at the heart of Indexia, as the brand wants to provide a local service to all its customers. At the same time, the brand ensures that the recruitment of the two teams is done in countries where Indexia is established. In addition, Indexia, led by Sadri Fegaier, has taken the side of a total internalization of the trades that make it up (customer management, training, concept …). Rich in strong growth (62.36% on average, per year over the period 2017-2020) thanks to its 3,000 employees, Indexia plans to double its workforce by recruiting 2,350 new employees, on a full-time basis, of which only 1,500 France. Offers for sales positions, teleconsultant, specialized technicians for repairing multimedia devices, but also for supported functions: finance, marketing, accounting,… will be proposed in 2022.

… For the training of young talents

In addition to full-time positions, Indexia is looking for 200 young people alternating in France for the 2022-2023 school year. The company has developed two programs in partnership with recognized institutions, such as CCI, for alumni: “Celside Insurance Académie” and “Hubside.Store Académie”. Thanks to these trainings, the young apprentices will be able, later, to practice trades related to sales and customer relations. A great opportunity for these students who, once in the job market, can expect many benefits such as job developments, internally, if they work at Indexia.

… For well-being at work

Since the inception of Indexia, the company has looked after the well-being of its employees. Its social policy is based on the desire to maintain pleasant and attractive working conditions. The aim is to find a fair balance between private and professional life. To this end, Indexia has designed its infrastructure in such a way that employees can benefit from a corporate restaurant and a gym. The French company also capitalizes on the work of its employees with salaries up to 40% above the market average, participation and / or interest bonuses, places in crèches …

In order to promote equal opportunities, Indexia strives to maintain a balanced balance of men and women in the group’s trades with the same level of wages.

Thanks to all these actions, they have been carried out instead, which makes five and that the Index is offset by the label “HappyAtWork”, a title dedicated to companies in which employees are, as the name suggests, happy to work.

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