Insuffisance cardaque: l’Assurance maladie launches an awareness campaign against this maladie méconnue

When 1.5 million people suffering fromheart failure ro France, l’Assurance maladie lance une grande national awareness campaigns à compter du 25 September prochain, sous le slogan « Cardiac insufficiency: et si votre cœur essayait de vous dire quelque chose? ». The objective: allow the general public to spot the warning signs of this chronic disease and encourage consultation.

In effect, heart failure, which is responsible for 200,000 hospitalizations and 70,000 deaths each year, remains a disease poorly known to the public and poorly diagnosed. However, an early diagnosis allows the progression to be slowed down.

This disease, which has its origin in a cardiac pathology (coronary disease, etc.) or in the presence of a cardiovascular risk factor (smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes), is characterized by difficulties in the heart to ensure correct sound pump rollers adapted to the needs of different organs. Elle peut devenir très invalidante and profoundly alterer the quality of life of the people concerned, mais également celle of their relatives. Elle peut in the training effect of the risks of “decompensation” that leads to hospitalizations. And they must know that every hospitalization amplifies the signs of the disease.

Avant d’en arriver à ces symptoms invalidants, it is important to identify the premier signs allowing to pose an early diagnosis. Parmi ces signals, on relève : une excessive fatigue, un usual essoufflement, une prize de poids rapide, des œdèmes aux pieds et aux chevilles.

The campaign to raise awareness of Assurance maladie declines through a TV spot, a radio spot, often inserts in the regional press, women’s and seniors, often posts published on social networks, mais également des affiches. In addition, pharmacies broadcast videos à viewed pedagogical will be broadcast in pharmacies and in the attention rooms of multidisciplinary health homes.

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