Insurance: bank card or separate contract, which is the best choice for your holidays?

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Bank cards do not only allow you to make payments and withdrawals: you may be able to benefit from a number of guarantees. What are these insurances really worth?

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There is a category of insurance, in addition to the unknown: that of bank cards. Flight cancellation, repatriation, foreign medical expenses… many guarantees are included in some small general terms and conditions of this means of payment. Between the standard cards and the top cards of the range, the list of risks covered, franchises and ceilings can vary greatly. So, do you have to take out additional insurance to protect yourself when you go on holiday?

Are standard credit card insurances sufficient?

The entry cards of the range are the most traded. Their names? Mastercard Standard and Visa Classic for more knowledge, several other trade names can be added to the list, can be added to Fosfo Mastercard, Visa Welcome, etc. . In addition to being able to make payments and withdrawals in France or abroad, these cards also offer a number of insurances and assistance services, when the settlement is made with them: booking a flight in airplane, vehicle location, etc.

To know exactly the guarantees that are included in the contract, it is necessary to consult the general conditions of the blue card, to consult the website of the banking institution, or to contact the service customer directly. Flight cancellation, illness, repatriation… All the guarantees offered naked are not the same from one bank to another, the same for deductibles and application ceilings. However, the spokesman for the comparator Panorabanques, Basile Duval, said: “entry-level bank cards, MasterCard and Visa Classic, offer limited guarantees.”

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The insurances of high-end blue cards stand out

If you have a standard bank card, you will need to consider optional supplemental insurance, depending on your destination, the length of your trip, the frequency used for bookings or the addition of people for opening. In fact, ceilings are sometimes too weak to provide sufficient coverage. For example, the cost of medical expenses abroad is capped at only 11,000 euros with a Visa Classic bank card, which is very insufficient in some countries where doctors’ fees can reach high, such as in the United States. , have Canada or encore in Australia.

On the other hand, the insurance associated with the premium bank card can be interesting. In the case of medical expenses abroad, they can run up to 155,000 euros in prize money with a superior blue card, Gold Mastercard or Visa Premier. At the same time, liability insurance can reach 2 million euros for certain premium books. On the other hand, the price of these cards is often expensive, and it may be preferable to opt for supplementary travel insurance instead of changing the range of cards, in particular for one-off and / or short-term travel. Allianz Partners offer, for example, a guarantee of medical frequency to run up to 200,000 or 300,000 euros, why you need to ensure a serene holiday!


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