Insurance: Do you have to redeem the deductible from your home contract?

The deductible is an outstanding amount to be insured in the survivor’s home for a guaranteed claim. She deducts the sums paid to her. It can be interesting to opt for a franchise redemption depending on the cost of the redemption and the amount of the various deductibles provided for in the insurance contract.

The vast majority of home insurance includes various contractual deductibles applicable in the absence of a responsible third party: for damages involving your civil liability and damages for movable and immovable property (water damage, fire, theft …). Not to mention the legal deductibles that can never be bought back, 380 euros for property damage or 1,520 euros for property damage related to a landslide, which is systematic in the event of a natural disaster.

A full refund

The higher these deductibles, the less important the contribution, as this allows to limit the intervention and not to compensate for small claims. Conversely, the lower they are, the higher the premium.

This logic finds its climax with the franchise buyout. You will be reimbursed in full, but your insurance premium will be more expensive. Subscribing to the franchise redemption is first and foremost a personal choice. It is also a bet on the future, because no one knows in advance whether or not he will face claims and whether his choice to have no contractual deductible to bear will be judged or not.

Some insurers offer this option on a permanent basis, others do not propose that on a one-off basis and only in certain categories of insurance (occupant owners, for example).


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