Insurance: one in three Belgians does not know or only partially knows the extent of their coverage

One in three Belgians is unaware or partially unaware of what insurance they are covered by, according to the CBC Observatory on Belgians and their insurance.

Insurance is clearly not a favorite topic for Belgians

According to a survey of a thousand respondents, the Belgian seems unconcerned about his assurances. Once insured, he paid little attention to the matter. Thus, six out of 10 Belgians say they do not regularly review their insurance. And it is not the Covid-19 pandemic or the dramatic floods of July 2021 that are changing the situation. “Insurance is clearly not a favorite topic for Belgians who, once insured, no longer care about it. Does Les Belges position itself in a logic? much more reactionary to an event than to a regular reflection on the relevance of their coverageCBC Assurances CEO Patrick Dallemagne points out.

For Pierre Devolder, Professor at the Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences of UCLouvain, “the fact that Belgians care little about their insurance can (…) be interpreted as a sign of confidence. Besides, Belgians tend to feel secure. Overall, the study gives a fairly calm picture of the Belgian’s relationship with the insurance world, far from the usual negative and demagogic clichés on the subject.

L’Observatoire CBC also understands that human contact is privileged. Despite the fact that more than half of those surveyed know that it is possible to take out insurance digitally, more than half of insured Belgians (56%) have taken out their latest insurance physically, going to their office.

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