Insurance Practice. What insurance do you need to take out for your caravan?

Regardless of its weight, the Insurance Code, in its article L.211-1, specifies that the caravan must be covered, at a minimum, by a liability insurance. Some insurances provide that the car insurance also covers the caravan whose bare PTAC exceeds 750 kg.

This coverage can be free or at an additional cost. Before putting the caravan into service, you need to check that your car insurance contract is provided for automatic and unencumbered charges for this type of vehicle. If this is not the case then you should notify your insurer.

Your insurer may require you to make specific arrangements, such as the installation of a security system for gas-fired equipment. Photo Dethleffs

Above 750 kg, compulsory independent insurance

Between 500 and 750 kg of PTAC, the caravan can be covered by your car insurance, but it must be registered and therefore have its own gray card.

From 750 kg, you must take out insurance independent of the vehicle; the caravan has its own registration certificate and you must equip it with an automatic braking system in case of detachment during traffic.

Due to the equipment, you cannot remove it, options such as theft and burglary must allow the material to be protected.

One of the advantages of the micro caravan, apart from its size, is its very low weight.  With it, you don't need a B96 training.  Photo DR

One of the advantages of the micro caravan, apart from its size, is its very low weight. With it, you don’t need a B96 training. Photo DR

As many options as possible to make sure

Apart from civil liability, you can choose the formulas that best cover your property: content insurance (depending on the equipment installed), extended damage guarantee (covers especially broken bays and skylights, awnings and even, sometimes, the audiovisual equipment), any accident damage guarantee (for accidents when the caravan is stopped), etc. Check with your insurer that the warranty works when caravans are hitched or untied.

Special case

If your caravan is for residential use only, you do not have to take out car insurance. You must also write a civil liability guarantee for the power of installation of your caravan in an authorized place.

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