Insurance professions: a sector that recruits

The latest Report of the Insurance Trades and Training Observatory (ROMA) was published in October 2021. It confirms the continuation of recruitment in the sector, despite the health crisis.

Zoom on three leading trades in the branches: general insurance agent, claims editor and insurance inspector.

The insurance industry and its businesses

The latest report of the Professionals and Insurance Formations (ROMA) was published in October. In summary, they return to the previous year’s figures. “In 2020, despite the exceptional nature of the health crisis, the workforce of the branch shows the strongest growth of the decade: + 1%. »

From very large companies to small agencies, the sector employs a variety of occupations such as general insurance agent, insurance inspector or claims writer. The trades in the field of insurance are varied for all their missions. However, they have several things in common, including the sense of contact and trade.

The job of general insurance agent

A general insurance agent is an independent. He is mandated by an insurance company to pay him commissions in return. The activity consists of the client advisor. It directs products according to their needs so that they can be compensated in case of problems.

Because every contract is different, he needs to know his fingertips to be able to talk about it better.

The job of a sinister copywriter

The claimant deals with insurance contracts. It ensures their openness. He sets up and instructs the files at the request of companies or individuals beneficiaries. Le rédacteur sinistre intervenes after an accident, for example, to assess the damage with an expert.

This job involves a lot of travel with clients, even at the scene of accidents. It also requires rigor and a good sense of diplomacy.

The profession of insurance inspector

The insurance inspector works for an insurance company, a mutual society or a bank. In accordance with the direction that accounts for the activity, development and loyalty of portefeuille clients. As a former advisor, he has a keen sense of selling insurance products that he teaches to his team members. He also relies on them to carry out the tasks related to his activity.

Contact a service manager, who manages it and sets annual business goals. He may also, depending on the nature of the claims and the contract, be required to go there with them to carry out the findings and negotiations.

Depending on the company in which he operates, his team can grow, his industry can expand. Here managerial qualities are essential to motivate your teams on the long term and achieve expected results.

Everyone may be asked to contact a person working in the insurance business. Whether it’s your home, your car, or your business…

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