Insurance, restaurant tickets, taxes … Which changes on June 1st

Every beginning of the month is accompanied by certain changes in the daily life of the French, and this June 1st is no exception. CNEWS looks back on everything that changes this Wednesday.

Borrower insurance

It will be possible, as of this Wednesday, to terminate its borrower insurance at any time, for all loans taken out from 1er June. For contracts already in the running, which have been contracted before, it will be possible to terminate them without constraint from 1er September.

Prior to this new provision, which was voted on February 17 last, the borrower’s insurance could not be terminated within 12 months of signing the price. After this one-year period, it was only possible to terminate it on the anniversary date of the contract.

Transparency of PER costs and life insurance

As of this Wednesday 1er June, banks, insurance companies and brokers will be required to display the management fees deducted from retirement savings plans (PER) and life insurance contracts. One way to provide this more transparent information to consumers.

The producers of these savings products “will have to display the costs on their website, in compliance with a standard table established under a common agreement, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy,” the website states. public service.

Reduction of the right to be forgotten for cancer patients

The right to be forgotten is the absence of an obligation to declare one’s illness to one’s insurer. The government has decided to shorten the legal deadline to 5 years for all cancer and hepatitis C patients, and this decision takes effect this Wednesday 1er June.

Before 1er In June, people who were diagnosed with cancer diagnosed before the age of 21 had a five-year waiver period from the end of the treatment protocol, and ten years for cancers diagnosed after the age of 21. This age distinction has been diagnosed as cancer has been diagnosed.

Restaurant tickets

During the health crisis, the government decided to double the daily limit on restaurant titles, to support traders and restaurateurs. Beneficiaries of these tickets could spend up to 38 euros a day. However, this doubling will end on June 30, and return to the initial ceiling of 19 euros.

Tax return

June is also the month of closing tax returns. Residents of departments No. 01 to No. 54 have already completed their declarations, but those in departments No. 55 to 976 still have until June 8 to do so. In the event of a delay, taxpayers may be subject to penalties.

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