Insurance: the end of the green sticker soon? – 20-hour diary

Sometimes you have to do it several times. Insist and of course, don’t get it wrong. Changing your vehicle’s insurance sticker is a little daunting for some. This piece of green paper, which has been mandatory on all windshields for nearly forty years, could soon be gone. No need to change it every year. And therefore more verbalization in case of forgetfulness. The Fédération des assureurs wants to dematerialize the vignette, as well as the insurance certificate. The new division of motorists. No need for a phone. From the age of three, law enforcement can reveal vehicle license plates and check vignettes directly on the digital tablet. An informatique file, provided by insurance companies, is supposed to be much more effective in the fight against fraud. The measure will also allow companies to save money by avoiding printing, plus fifty million documents per year. Talks are often underway with the government. He is expected to make his decision next school year. T F1 | Reports V. Dépret, C. Chevreton, JP Héquette.


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