Is it better to give them croquettes or pâté?

According to a magazine survey I’m interested on the diet of our four-legged companions, “one in two cats who are overweight and one in three who is obese.” Does this mean that the industrial animal feed is not suitable?

“Not necessarily, because the life expectancy of our companions has increased a lot in recent years. Today, it’s less common to have dogs that are 15, 16, 17 years old, which was not the case. not the case 20 or 30 years ago, “said Frédérique Boursicaut, a journalist at I’m interested.

In fact, it all depends on their physical activity. “The problem is that when you keep a cat indoors, it’s easy to get fat.Just one extra cup of food a day and after a few years, it will inevitably be his big one, “she adds.

“Now, indeed, there are quite a few whistleblowers who denounce industrial food, who say that it is risky for animals, that it could promote certain pathologies, overweight and possibly also diabetes,” he said. Frédérique Boursicaut in That’s good for us!

Hooks “hold up better”

“It’s very difficult to be categorical because the patewhat is called ‘all wet food’, it is very high in proteinit is often less caloric and especially animals love it “, notes Frédérique Boursicaut who also recalls that pâté is “Four times more expensive” than croquettes.

However, with the spot, the talks are “plus difficult”. They like “the pate a lot, but if it’s aged for two hours in the bowl, they won’t touch it.” „While the croquettes pour le coup, not only they are very stable, so you can stay in the game all day. But, they are also cheaper, they fit better on the belly like they contain carbohydrates ”.

“Ideally, there are a lot of veterinarians today who advise to combine the two. So just be careful not to give too much. And if you give pâté, you have to reduce the amount of croquettes, ”said Frédérique Boursicaut.

Do I need to change my brand name regularly?

“There really aren’t any rules,” he said. “If your pet is doing well and you give him the same croquette every day for ten years and it goes (…) There is no reason to change. Now, today we want with our animals to do a bit like we do, that is vary our diet, but this is not an obligation. “ she continues.

You can also eat exclusively homemade cu, “But it can’t be improvised. You have to find out a little bit, otherwise the animal risks being deficient. That’s the advantage of industrial food, it’s that it’s complete,” he said. . Frédérique Boursicaut. Be aware that the cats squash zucchini. As for leftovers (ham fat, for example), “they are absolutely not your pet’s ration. And it’s often not suitable, there may be onions in it and these things aren’t good for animals.” ,

Frédérique Boursicaut appeals to the recall les food, which you need us to never give à vos animaux: the avocado that is “toxic to cats and dogs”, chocolate that contains “a molecule close to caffeine that can cause deadly intoxication”, all the vegetables of the leek family, the onion. garlic and chives “because it can cause anemia in them”.

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