Is it possible to renovate your kitchen in an ecological way?

La cuisine is a space that is the heart of the ground floor. It is also the environment that requires the most energy effort in your cabin through air pollution to high water consumption.

In addition, environmental protection is now a much-discussed concept at many levels. By renovating your kitchen in an environmentally friendly way, you can be part of the solution. It is with small collective gestures that we make a difference, no matter how small.

You can discover comments to make the renovations while still being eco-responsible. Because yes, to answer the question of the title, it is possible to return to the kitchen in an ecological way.

The local purchase

In April 2020, when the province went through a first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Quebec Prime Minister François Legault accompanied Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon inaugurated the launch of Panier Bleu, an initiative aimed at encouraging local purchasing.

The kitchen industry also produces wonderful products and materials from Quebec producers. Such as des kitchen cabinets, taps and cabinet handles and others. As far as possible, we recommend that you trust our artisans here.

How is local purchasing green?

The question is legitimate. What makes local consumption eco-responsible? In fact, local purchasing is especially environmentally friendly, as transport reduces materials and reduces the use of oil to transport them. The ecological footprint of the product is then diminished. In addition, local purchasing is making the Quebec economy thrive.

Renovate your kitchen cabinets

If you want to make changes that are simply in appearance and that your armoires de cuisine are still durable, you can give yourself a second to live. All in a restaurant or by applying a new coating to the outside of your cabinets and cabinet doors. It is a possibility to change the handle and the gates kitchen cabinets. Doing so will allow you to reuse and reshape your kitchen cabinets without wasting the destruction of materials. In addition, the option is environmentally friendly.

If your current bare subwoofers are not in good condition, there are other environmentally friendly options available to you. Of which the choice of boxes made of plywood or particleboard without formaldehyde. Plywood coated kitchen cabinet doors are very durable, durable against shocks and scratches which are a good choice.

Reducing energy in the kitchen

There are many items and appliances that have a high energy demand inside one, so here is a list of ways to optimize your energy consumption:

◦To illuminate your workspace, opt for LED lights. Which are known for their low power consumption.

◦Select your appliances according to their water and energy consumption, ENERGY STAR © certified. A dishwasher with optimized power consumption will lower your energy demand as well as your electricity bill.

◦Ecologically, it is not recommended to include a grinder in your sink. Because the latter require a demand for energy and its presence complicates the filtration of gray water.

In short, here are some components that allow you to make your own organic kitchen.

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