Is ten-year insurance required to build a garden shed?

Gross work and second works undertaken for the construction of a house, such as blackberries, breach or breach of extension works, are subject to and covered by the ten-year warranty. What is less known is that it also covers outdoor facilities such as your pool or garden shed.

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The ten-year warranty is an important insurance for the professional who has performed work (architect, building professional, developer) of major works or second work to repair damage or construction defects. It is applicable within 10 years of the delivery date of your site.

What types of damage are covered by ten-year insurance?

The risk of collapse, significant cracks, a lack of sealing … can damage the roof, the frame or the walls and compromise the solidity of your construction. In addition, phenomena that make the building unfit for use, such as faulty thermal or acoustic insulation, water infiltration, or pipes with corrosion marks, are also subject to and covered by you. ten-year insurance. This also applies to heavy damage such as inseparable equipment elements in the worn state carrelage.

Does the vice of a garden opener take over the ten-year insurance coverage?

Thus, when you plan to build a garden opening, be part of the construction covered by decades of insurance. In fact, it is a closed and covered work. In other words, it is a building that must be sealed in air and water, just like them garages, warehouses, workshops or outdoor premises. Nevertheless, bare garden shelters that are subject to damage caused by natural phenomena (storms, floods, rains, etc.) can be covered by the ten-year insurance policy. This is also the case with a lack of maintenance of the building, be careful!

How to get ten-year insurance for your garden shed?

Get started in the first place to get a ten-year insurance certificate through l’entrepreneur qui s’engage in the construction of your future garden shed. The document ensures that the professional is well covered in case of defects or damage that may occur. This will allow you to be compensated quickly your garden shed undergoes ten-year alterations without having to take any legal action. The certificate serves as proof to assert your rights, so it is to be kept precious!

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