Is this what my cat is attacking me with?

We have all been the victims of a serious attack by her cat, without understanding the cause. Felix jumps on your feet, or becomes downright threatening by spitting his round back? It’s a feline attack!

We assure you, these attacks are never free. It is up to us to understand what they mean, to make sure they don’t happen again. So why is your cat attacking you? Explanations in this article!

What are the reasons my cat is attacking me?

The game

It can happen that a cat bites while you play with it, especially with your hands. Excitement can lead to more or less painful scratches and bites for you.

It doesn’t matter, and it’s even natural behavior. But don’t go wearing gloves. In fact, you have to learn to play without leaving the claws and without order, in order to correct what behavior in douceur.


A cat can bite when it is scared or when it feels threatened. He then feels the instinctive need to defend himself. Avant de passer à l’action generally adopts a defensive stance.

He will show his annoyance and fear by several warning signs. So he will curl up in a corner, squint, his pupils will dilate, his ears will bend back, and his hair will bristle.

If you continue the action that he considers threatening, the cat will attack by biting or scratching you, sometimes both. You have been warned!

The pain

Your chat can attack you when you hurt yourself. This can be accidental, for example, when you queue. In that case, you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Your chat may also be scratched or bitten when you touch a painful part of your body. In this case, you will need to identify the cause of this pain. This may be a wound that needs to be disinfected or an invisible lesion. In this case, a consultation with a veterinarian is required. Numerous pathologies can make your chat aggressive, and what not from the badness on his part.


Stressful situations can make your chat aggressive and threatening. Among them are visits to the vet, this unknown human caregiver will gossip in every way, and sometimes even force him to swallow medication, or worse, sting him.

Transportation is a great source of stress for conversations. In fact, we have mustache friends who hate being sick in a small box. In addition to meowing all the way, he will pass his claws between the bars trying to catch everything within his reach.

If it is your hand, be prepared to suffer. But then again, put yourself in his place. You wouldn’t want to be treated like that without being informed, would you?

The hunting instinct

You wonder why your cat jumps on your feet at night? Look no further, the answer is here. Your cat is a great hunter and your feet are an ideal prey when you sleep.

In fact, the few movements you make unconsciously during your sleep will pique your cat’s curiosity. So he will invariably attack you. If your feet are under the duvet, you’re not risking much.

Otherwise, prepare for a painful awakening. What an idea to move in the middle of the night, you are an easy image, and chat a born hunter!

A fixed gaze

You have noticed how your cat may fix you at times. Install comfort on your knees or watch a few meters away from you, observe yourself and stare at the flashing des yeux de temps à others. Rather, it is a sign of trust and well-being that you address.

But be careful, because if you look back at him, especially by staring at him intensely and never blinking, it’s a real provocation. He thinks you’re challenging him, and stop him if he goes on the attack to defend himself!

Biting caressed cat syndrome

We all experienced that moment when, after a few minutes of caresses accompanied by purrs, the chat ended with us biting and leaving. This is the cat biting cat syndrome.

What exactly is it? Well, just know that your cat can no longer stand physical contact, it has reached its quota. And to make him stop, he will bite your hand to make him understand, and then he will quietly go about his business.

Neither seen nor known. So, are you sure you’re still the master at home?

Redirected aggression

In the case of redirected aggression, you are not the trigger for the attack, but an outside element. For example, imagine your neighbor’s chat coming to your window.

Problem is, your tomcat isn’t really a buddy with him. But the neighbor’s cat taunts him and it is not possible to dislodge him from his perch. It is impossible for your feline to reach it, and frustration inevitably wins.

You may find this situation amusing, but your partner disagrees and is somewhat annoyed. And here he is turning against you if you pass by, or if you disturb him during this moment of extreme tension.

Poor socialization

Missed or premature weaning, as well as poor socialization, can lead to behavioral disorders in cats. Free attacks on his master or other humans are part of it.

This can lead Felix to attack babies, adults, or even other animals for free, as they are taken for prey. No worries, this phenomenon remains extremely rare.

Tiger syndrome

Cocorico! Tiger syndrome is a totally French concept! Don’t get carried away, there’s nothing to be proud of, because it has no scientific basis.

Besides, according to the sources you will find, you will see totally different explanations for this so-called syndrome. Either the tiger syndrome is a combination of all the points mentioned above, or it is a problem related to food (poor quality food, too low in protein, therefore in too small an amount, etc.).

Worse, some say, this syndrome is close to rabies, with less risk of transmission. This can lead to dangerous cat drifts by forcing some masters to abandon their companion for nothing.

The only thing to know about this syndrome is that it does not exist. No scientific study mentions this concept to explain the “irrational” aggressiveness of the cat.

How do I react when my cat attacks me for no reason?

The cat never attacks for no reason. It is up to you to understand what may have forced your partner to attack you in one way or another.

In all cases, your response should not be aggressive. Don’t shout, and don’t hit your cat under any circumstances. This will add to the tension in an already delicate situation, and may even lead to a new attack. Ignorance will be the best answer, don’t doubt it!

To channel your cat, you can enrich the environment with toys (balls, mouse in cat mint, fishing rods, etc.) and a cat tree. This will allow you to spend during the day. This is all the more important for an indoor cat that does not have access to the outside world.

In case of excessive aggression, do not consult a veterinarian. He will be able to determine the cause, prescribe one if necessary and suggest you see a feline behaviorist.

In short, new chats domestiques are not wild. But it is necessary to take enough time with them to share the universe, and better understand the reasons for their attack on us.

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