“It goes in all directions”: the major clean-up continues in Hannut, the inhabitants are their insurance file

Many Belgians are still on their feet in the water and mud this Tuesday. 48 hours after the floods, we are very far from having cleaned everything again, especially in the commune of Hannut. Firefighters have not stopped and residents are working to set up their insurance files.

Sofa, cardboard or washing machine, … the communal workers picked up the damaged furniture at a frantic pace. “We’re in our 8th van. It’s been going all the way since this morning.” one of them tells us.

The floods affected 7 of the 13 villages in Hannut commune. In some streets, they have ravaged. Two days later, Vincent estimates that he left them for his son. “It’s going up very fast. I’m going to send the photos and my insurer will see if it passes or not.”he indicates.

Plated license plate and a branch stuck in suspension, Sylvain’s car is immobilized. “I’m looking forward to the convenience store and a replacement vehicle. The problem is they’re overwhelmed by the amount of vehicles on the street.”he says.

Disappointed, locals point to the development of vegetable crops at the expense of cereals that retain more water. “The problem is much bigger when there are potatoes. Mud and water make the volume triple.”tells us an inhabitant of the commune.

After an interruption at 2am this morning, firefighters are back on the clear routes. “We pick up all the mud on the road, and we scratch because it sticks really well to the ground. If we don’t do that we just risk an accident.” says Michael Nobels, a firefighter at the Hesbaye Rescue Zone.

In total, almost 200 interventions were recorded. There are still three homes that are threatening to collapse.

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