Jeu Socopa Burger du Chef 2022 on a € 5,000 kitchen and collectors à gagner gifts

Come and take part in the Socopa Burger du Chef 2022 game on no later than May 29, 2022 to remember an equipped kitchen, a kitchen timer, a bamboo board or a apron. To have a chance to win one of these prizes, you must first buy a Socopa product offering the bidder. Then go to the jeu Socopa Burger du Chef 2022 on and log in to your Socopa account. Then enter the game code for your product. Finally, you will be invited to watch a video to answer a question to ask yourself. At the end of your journey, find out whether or not your participation coincides with an instant winner.

The following features are included in the winning moments during the Socopa Burger du Chef 2022 game on

  • 1 equipped kitchen given to the winner in the form of a bank check in the amount of € 5,000;
  • 100 gifts for collectors including: 30 tables (unit value: € 12), 35 decorative boards worth € 11.50 each and 35 kitchen timers with a unit value of € 9.60.

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How to participate in the game Socopa Burger du Chef 2022 on

A Socopa account is required to participate in this operation. If you don’t have one yet, create yours for free now on the brand’s website. Then,

  • Visit your regular store no later than May 29, 2022 to purchase a product SOCOP holder of the Socopa Burger offer from Chef 2022.
  • Click on the banner “I enjoy the good plan” below.
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in to your Socopa account.
  • On the slide show of the game, click “Play”.
  • Enter the alphanumeric code written on the collé sticker on the product.
  • I am getting acquainted with the rules of the house in dedicated houses.
  • Watch the video “Les tutos burger by Florian Barbarot”
  • Answer the question on the screen correctly.
  • Click on “Find out now and you’ve won” to get the result of your participation.

The organizing company will contact all winners by e-mail within 2 weeks of the game. The latter must answer for confirmation. Finally, their price will be delivered by a carrier to their postal address.

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