Jobseekers – Unemployment Insurance Reform: What Measures Applicable to December 1st?

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Two measures of unemployment insurance reform come into force on 1er December 2021. The degressivity of the unemployment benefit from the 7the mois pour les plus hauts revenus and the new rules on eligibility conditions for school insurance for self-employed workers on the meter 1er December 2021. In fact, the conditions for a lasting improvement in the working situation were met on 1 October. An order published in Official Journal from November 20, 2021 fixed to 1er December 2021 the entry into force of the measures provided for in the reform of unemployment insurance.

Constantly at realization have 1er October 2021 of the two conditions to which these measures were subject, the degressivity of the unemployment benefit from 7e months for the highest incomes and the new conditions of eligibility for unemployment insurance come into force on 1er December 2021.

The end of the application of the transitional provisions provided for by the decree of 14 April 2020 is set at 1er December 2021. This is stated in the decree of November 18, 2021 published in Official Journal of November 20, 2021.

Degressivity of the high-income allowance

The following two conditions, indicating a lasting improvement in the employment situation, have been met in 1er October 2021:

  • the total number of pre-employment declarations (DPAE) for contracts of more than one month out of interim was to exceed a threshold (set at 2,700,000) over a period of 4 consecutive months;
  • the number of jobseekers in category A must have fallen by at least 130,000 in the last 6 months.

Thus, from 1er December 2021, the degressivity of the unemployment benefit for the highest incomes occurs from the 7the months.

This measure will apply to persons whose employment contract expires on 1er December 2021, with the exception of those whose dismissal procedure was initiated before that date.

Degressivity will take place as early as June 2022 for those who have opened their right to unemployment on 1er December 2021.

The 6-month countdown to which the degressivity applies had been suspended between 1er March 2020 and June 30, 2021, for a total of 487 days. He has been shooting again since the 1ster July 2021.

Conditions for eligibility for unemployment insurance

From 1er December 2021, the conditions for opening the right to unemployment are changing. In order to be compensated by unemployment insurance, it will take 6 months in the last 24 months.

This condition applies to persons deprived of employment whose employment contract has expired on 1er December 2021.

For persons not employed before 1er December 2021, these are the current conditions that apply: you must have worked 4 months in the last 24 months to receive the return-to-work allowance (ARE).

The hiring behavior of companies with 11 or more employees, which are among the sectors that make the most use of short-term contracts, will be observed for 12 months. If, after one year, they do not offer a more sustainable contract to the employees they employ, an additional contribution to unemployment insurance, which can go up to 1 % of the payroll, will be required of them. Conversely, they also often offer contracts of the highest quality to the average of other companies, their contribution will be diminished.

Companies with less than 250 employees will be able to benefit from specific support to change, if necessary, their work organization and hiring practices. For a maximum of 30 days, this benefit will be distributed through a human resources council office and funded by the regional directorates of economy, employment, work and solidarity (DREETS).

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