Jocelyne Wildenstein, the “cat woman” is 81 years old: what has she become?

Jocelyne Wildenstein is one of the most fascinating characters on the planet! Known as the “cat woman”, she blew out her 81st candle on August 5th. The opportunity for us to return to the facts that marked her life, but above all to take stock of what has become of this woman who has repeatedly made headlines.

Jocelyne Périsset was born in 1940 Switzerland. Originally from Lausanne, she decides to give up her hometown and move to Paris when she meets Cyrille Piguet. There, she crosses paths with Alec Wildenstein, a French art dealer and billionaire. They say “yes” to each other in Las Vegas in 1978. Alongside her husband, Jocelyne Wildenstein leads a worldly life and spends countless hours. Anxious to always please her, she does not hesitate to go through the “cosmetic surgery” box.

The cat woman, addicted to cosmetic surgery

It is said that Alec Wildenstein is passionate about felines. This explains why Jocelyne suddenly underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries to get closer to the appearance. of a cat. She almost redid her entire face by touching her forehead, cheekbones, nose, lips and even her chin. Jocelyne Wildenstein, now better known as “femme chat”, is comparable to the woman she was before.

It is because of this change in physique that her husband Alec Wildenstein allegedly asked for it divorce. A separation that has made history since it is one of the most expensive divorces. Following this procedure, Jocelyne Wildenstein obtained a private hotel in New York, a castle in France, a ranch in Kenya, but also an annual pension of 2.4 million dollars. With such a heritage, the cat woman continues to lead a great life.

Jocelyne Wildenstein, the chat woman in 2022

Today, Jocelyne Wildenstein lives new York with her boyfriend, the fashion stylist Lloyd Klein, whom she has been dating since 2008. The two lovebirds have the perfect love to believe the different photos shared by the chat woman through her social networks. Especially present on Instagram, Jocelyne Wildenstein shared a daily lifestyle with a community of almost 210,000 people.

It can be said that Jocelyne Wildenstein is a social media star. 81 years old, the chat woman to be always so young. And while she’s addicted to cosmetic surgery, she seems to have stepped on the procedures. According to her various Instagram posts, the face of the New Yorker would take on a more human than feline appearance.

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