Judged in Argentan for driving without a license or insurance

This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the court of Argentan (Orne) tried a 28-year-old man for driving without a license or insurance. (© Le Journal de l’Orne)

A 28 year old man and was judged what Wednesday, May 11, 2022 by the Argentan Judicial Court (Orne) for driving without a license or insurance.

Four months in prison for a young Argentinean who was driving despite having his driver’s license revoked and without being covered by insurance.

He was summoned to appear before the Argentan Correctional Court on Wednesday, May 11, and easily acknowledged all the facts.

Cancellation of his driver’s license

they February 13, 2022 around midnight, police officers checking an Opel vehicle and its driver.

He will confess naked to be able to present his driver’s licensefor it is the object of a cancellation.

Police will also find that the insurance sticker on his windshield is obsolete.

The screenings will all be negative.

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Again in court, this Argentinian, who was celebrating his 28th birthday a few days ago, admits the facts.

He explains for the insurance, that he did not pay the last monthly payment and for the driver’s license, he had taken all the necessary steps and without waiting for an answer, he allowed himself to take the wheel again.

Four convictions for traffic offenses

His criminal record bears traces of four convictions for traffic offenses only.

The prosecution raises a lack of honesty regarding the revocation of its driver’s license.

According to her, several sentences were attempted, but did not prevent the recurrence of the facts.

She faces up to four months in prison with an electronic wrist strap in addition to a ban on applying for a new driver’s license within six months.

Le prévenu, Kyllian XXX, will be found guilty by the court following the requisitions of the public prosecutor.

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