Judgment for a dog that dropped a biker


A little bitch rushed to the bottom of the Little Susten: her owner received a 20-day suspended fine.

The accident occurred in Les Rangiers, at the bottom of the place known as “Petit Susten”

lematin.ch/Vincent Donzé

With its curves and two twists, the St-Ursanne-Les Rangiers road is the scene of an international coast race that will take place on August 20 and 21, but this section is also very popular with bikers, who do sometimes round trips. A pleasure abruptly stopped by a little bitch on a Friday morning last summer.

Although driving at a moderate pace, according to the Jura police, the Basel biker could not avoid the dog that rushed on the road, eg the road between Les Malettes and St-Ursanne, shortly after the “Petit Susten ». After falling heavily on the descent, the biker was airlifted to Basel by the Rega.

According to “Le Quotidien Jurassien”, the owner of the dog was sanctioned for not being allowed to monitor or control. Verdict: 20 days of suspended fines for two years, added to some 400 francs fine and fees. The defendant objected to the prosecution’s order and the question of the costs of the accident will be decided by a civil judge.

German Shepherds

“Le Quotidien Jurassien” also mentions the conviction of another owner who did not keep his dogs in Ajoie. As soon as they got out of the trunk of a car, two German shepherds assaulted a walker. Bite for the first time, the Jurassic walker defended himself with a stick, but the other dog attacked him from behind.

Balance sheet: four bites of 6×6 cm. in the forearm, lower back, shoulder blade and abdomen. The owner of the dog who left the scene without leaving his address and minimizing the incident. He faces a ten-day suspended sentence for two years, as well as a fine of about 1,000 francs and fees. He did not object, but the aggressiveness of his dogs will be evaluated. Seven months after the assault, the victim still feels his injuries.

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