Julien Doré angry after a puppy flew on a beach

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Published in para Lou Tabarin on May 13, 2022 at 6:03 p.m.

Friday, April 29, a German Shepherd puppy was volleyball when its owner walked them on one Breton beach. Since then, Internet users have been mobilizing to find the animal. Even some stars relayed it the call to witness on social networks.


An ignoble flight

After the Pistachio affair, the Chihuahua was deliberately knocked over by a cyclist. live emotion on the web. Since the end of April, the happy owner of Sunny, a 4 month old puppy, mourns the loss of his pet. Count on Instagram BlablanimoNathalie tells the vol that she suffered at Plouarzel.

As I had just dropped it off in my car, attached passenger seat and wide open window, a couple arrived to ask for information […] L’homme s’eloigné on the phone and the woman asks me questions about the service tables and shows me the photos of the dog’s son on the phone. They leave in white, I take care of putting the customer’s dog in the transport box and returning to the driver’s side. Sunny was gonethe strap of his seat sectioned

The dog sitter immediately complained to the Saint-Renan gendarmerie. She suspects the thieves of boarding the puppy in a illegal animal traffickingand indicates that it could be found anywhere.

From now on, he has toured social media in a terrible way. In distress, Sunny’s owner asks for help. She promises one reward of 1000 euros for the person who finds the puppy. Les internautes answered the mass call. Not all social networks are available to post to hope which the animal finds its mistress.

The stars speak, Julien Doré is furax

To find her puppy, the owner decided to use it the power of social media. So she tagged all the influential accounts in the hopes that they would share the research opinion. On Facebook, she sent information to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, because the former young lady Delphine Wespiser. As an owner and passionate about animals, the young woman must understand Nathalie’s distress. Emotion shared Article Julien Courbet during its issuance It can reach you: « I understand, I would be desperate too ».

Emu through this story, Julien Doré did not chew his words. In an Instagram story, she agrees to support the puppy owner. It is not missing to insult the thieves: ” it was stolen by big bastards, you have such dirty karma to do that ».

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