Kennels: A breeder suffers two stray dog ​​attacks on his sheep

This Tuesday, at least one stray dog ​​killed several sheep on a farm near the village of Chenereilles. This is the farmer’s second attack since February.

In February, four sheep were killed. This Tuesday, the balance sheet is the same. A neighbor was also killed by a beast killed three weeks ago. Fabrice and Nadège Valentin, breeders in Chenereilles, are having a hard time seeing their animals being attacked in this way by stray dogs.

According to them, these are the same dogs, one of which is tall and black, who are the perpetrators of both attacks. “We are not here to feed perishing dogs,” laments Nadège Valentin, who is worried about the attitude these dogs may have towards children.

This Tuesday morning, Fabrice Valentin saw a dog run away. Three sheep of the Ouessant breed and one Causse du Lot sheep, the most vulnerable, succumbed to fangs. A dwarf goat and a Noire du Velay were spared. “One of the sheep had already been injured in February and was recovering. This time, she didn’t get that chance,” lamented Fabrice Valentin Care, who wonders about the rest of her herd. “The dog went under a high fence to get into the enclosure. They were pet sheep we had. I bring the sheep back in the evening. Dogs, he drags them from everywhere, this situation makes them groan.”


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