Kitchen. Cold soups, a good idea for the weather

Soup is a dish that defies the centuries and transcends social categories. On all the tables, you find a soup bowl with a more or less lavish soup… but the soups that contain the finest foods are not necessarily the best… For example, a simple coconut milk dovlecei soup is a delight!

Good reasons to eat a cold soup

– A cold soup is refreshing, mostly low-calorie, tasty…

– A cold soup allows you to eat vegetables without realizing it.

– A cold soup is alternating and allows the son of the body to rehydrate, which is just as appreciable when the temperatures reach their peak!

– Une soupe froide is friendly, because it is easily shared in verrines or bowls and can be decorated according to your desires and what is left in the cupboards or au réfrigérateur …

– A cold soup accompanies you easily during your travels, during your picnics, in an isothermal packaging (or by being frozen and thawing the time of your walk) …

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The gazpacho: the queen of cold soups

Very popular with our Spanish and Portuguese neighbors, gazpacho is a great success with us. In addition to being delicious, this cold soup is made with raw vegetables, which makes it very easy to make and very fast! Its ingredients are: stale bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, garlic, oil and sherry vinegar.

You can also host your original salpachos salés comme sucrés aux abricots, peppers, beets, cucumbers …

Some ideas for associations

Carrot and orange, fennel and dill, cucumber and coriander, dovlecei and goat cheese, peas and mint, even tomato and strawberry, tomato and watermelon, celery and apple … Feel free to test your tastes and to offer new flavors to curious palates!

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