Kitchen. Our tips for properly cleaning your barbecue

Much more than a simple hygiene concern, cleaning the barbecue is an essential gesture for health. Indeed, the cooking and annealing of residues clinging to the grate leads irremediably to the formation of toxic residues. However, proper use and cleaning of the grill eliminates any danger of toxicity.

In order to facilitate the cleaning of the barbecue, why not just limit its fouling? First, always oil your grills well before you start cooking (with paper towels). This will prevent the meat from sticking to it. Be sure to perform the operation with an oil intended for cooking (this is indicated on the bottle). Indeed, an oil intended exclusively to be consumed crude genère des hydrocarbures is harmful to health and it rises at high temperatures.

Second, buy a pool that can accommodate your barbecue grill. At the end of the feast, soak the grill sufficiently cooled in soapy water (with black soap, for example) or even with baking soda. The aura cleaning operation has already started when you only attack the dessert!

Hot water, liquid vaisselle and lemon

If the grill is not really dirty, you can purly soak it in a basin of warm soapy water where you add lemon. Leave on for several hours or even overnight, then rinse your grill with clear water and wipe it off.

White vinegar and baking soda

In terms of cleaning, baking soda is first and foremost appreciated for its abrasive power. In many homemade care products, baking soda is combined with vinegar. This is a ubiquitous blend that restores shine to all surfaces. Basically, pour baking soda and white vinegar into the basin.

Baking soda will react with vinegar which contains acetic acid. This causes precipitation that takes off the brûlé. Then leave on for at least half an hour before cleaning and rinsing. Be aware that in addition to cleaning a barbecue grill, baking soda is also a must when cleaning a cold iron.

High temperature cleaning

According to the same principle, pyrolysis, which achieves a true sales creation, makes the grill run in a vacuum. The heat will destroy the grease (this works especially for grills with a lid, which allows a higher temperature mounting). Bath by bath, make a ball of newsprint and rub on the grill to remove any remaining debris. By the way, if your grid is stretched in all four, you can use the pyrolysis function of the last one.

In the dishwasher

If you can, feel free to put your grill in the dishwasher. Just remember to remove most of the residue before the cycle with paper towels for optimal washing.

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