Kitchen. Our tips for successful plancha parties

La plancha is a cooking plate that allows you to grab and caramelize food. This mode of contact cooking, at high temperature (+ 300 ° C), is very fast which allows them to retain their juices and thus their flavor. It allows you to prepare tasty recipes often outdoors and enjoy the summer.

Think of marinades

To enhance the taste and bring softness, let your meat and fish macerate for at least 30 minutes in a gourmet marinade that will stick to your taste and that of your guests. Olive oil, lemon juice, wine, spices, herbs, be imaginative!

Be careful, however, do not mix too many ingredients, however, at the risk of not distinguishing any taste. Drain the food well before placing it on the griddle so that it is properly grasped.

Don’t limit yourself to food choices

Vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, shells, cheeses, fruits, everything is allowed … even chamallows!

Feel free to cut the meat into strips or regular pieces. Photos Shutterstock

Favor small parts

The plancha is a device that grasps food very strongly, which presents it to you, it is better to make short cooking. To do this, do not hesitate to cut the meat into regular slices or pieces.

Let the meat rest

For a tasty and juicy meat, it is desirable, after cooking, to let it rest for a few moments in aluminum foil to let the juices spread.

Banish the fork

Use a pair of tongs to turn the food over, not a fork that spoils the food and lets the juices escape!

Limit fat

Most importantly, do not grease the plancha plate, but only the foods that need it. Remember that plancha is healthy!

If you want to enjoy your plancha for a long time, you have to take care of it.  Photos Shutterstock

If you want to take advantage of the long ironing board, you have to take care of it. Photos Shutterstock

Season at the right time

Food and especially meat should be salted at the time of serving and not before, to avoid loss of juice and to preserve the softness.

Take care of the cleaning

If you want to enjoy your plancha for a long time, you have to take care of it. For an efficient, fast and ecological cleaning, use white vinegar with water, once the plate is still hot but off, then scrape gently.

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