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When the time comes renovate your kitchen, there are several points to consider, including the configuration of the room to make it pleasant and convenient to use. More than one important point, when thinking about the kitchen, it is really functional. In the kitchen it is probably the piece in which it is often too easy to create a fouillis, and to incorporate it quickly. Indeed, it is necessary to store crockery and glassware, utensils, accessories, small appliances, non-perishable foods, spices, and what else. If you are at design your future kitchen plansHere are some storage items to choose from.

The lower cabinets

Les caissons inférieurs are often the basis of the kitchen, because in addition to serving support at counters, it offers more storage possibilities. For kitchen cabinet drawers are really practical, it should contain drawers of different sizes, including deep drawers where the on can store cauldrons and other bulky items, corner cabinets equipped with turntables, etc. storage cabinets. Some may even have a trash can and a slide-mounted recycling bin.

Top cabinets

While the trend is for open kitchens with shelves replacing the top cabinets, having a few on the kitchen walls can be handy for storing what you don’t want to expose to everyone, including food. , spices, etc. Stratégiement placées, les armoires superiors will not hinder the view in an open and minimalist kitchen, and can even be combined with wall-mounted storage tablets.

The kitchen island

A kitchen island will actually be practical and functional if it is large enough to cook comfortably, you get some guests, and especially if it contains enough storage. Opt for a large kitchen island that combines deep drawers and cabinets for easy access to small kitchen appliances and utensils.

The pantry

Unfortunately, many kitchens do not have a pantry. However, this storage space is more than necessary in a kitchen! If you have space available, why not opt ​​for a walk-in pantry, where food can provide you with all the non-perishables and so take advantage of yourself. kitchen cabinets to store everything else? A well-organized pantry, with all food in sight, makes it easier for you to prepare your meal.

The wall shelves

Even if you choseinstall cabinets superior in your kitchen and you have the space available, often wall shelves of different sizes maximizing the possibilities of storage in pieces. They can accommodate beautiful crockery, cookbooks, spice jars, decorative items, and more.

A functional kitchen, as you can see, requires several types of storage elements. When choosing yours, consider the use, what interests you in your kitchen, the names of the people who use it and of course, the space available.

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