Kitchen: This is why you have to prick the potato before it is cooked

Potatoes are eaten in several forms, namely: boiled, fried, or au gratin. There are several techniques and recipes for good cooking. For many people, cooking with water is the easiest thing to do. However, there are rules that must be followed in order not to make cooking mistakes. Find out in this article why it is necessary to prick the potatoes before cooking.

According to some myths, they should use various methods for a good cooking of potatoes with water. Each with its own technique so that the potatoes cook evenly without bursting in the cooking water.

According to the Ma Fourchette website, you will need to prick the potatoes or potatoes before cooking. Indeed, this trick will allow potatoes or potatoes not to burst or crack.

The site goes on to add that chopping potatoes or potatoes also reduces cooking time. And for good reason, heat gets into the chair more easily.

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