Kitchen. What can you replace mustard with?

Of this shortage?

Canada’s largest mustard seed producer experienced a severe heatwave last summer, depleting mustard seed crops by more than 30%. The planet is approved in Ukraine to fill the missing part, but recent events have decided otherwise…

The horseradish

Horseradish is a very good substitute for strong mustard. The main reason is the botanical approach to the mustard. In fact, they are both shows of the brassicacées family and have a similar taste. The horseradish root is prepared to make a more or less spicy sauce according to its dilution with vinegar or cream. Lovers of spicy flavors, you will not be disappointed with this alternative.

Worcestershire sauce can also be a good alternative to mustard. Photos Shutterstock

The wasabi

If you’re a fan of sushi, you know the wasabi. It can be a very good substitute for mustard. It is a cousin of horseradish and mustard, because they belong to the same family. It is a very easy to use condiment, moreover, dilute in a mayonnaise if it is too strong for your taste.

Worcestershire sauce

We move a little away from the spicy side of the mustard, yet this sauce can be a good alternative. It is used in the same way: for grills, dressings or marinades. But pay attention to the dosage because it is more liquid!

American mustard

This mustard is slightly sweet, often due to the honey it contains. But it doesn’t sting at all. In addition, turmeric is added for a more spicy flavor and a yellower color. Whether you like it or hate it, it is one of the viable substitutes for real mustard.

Also keep in mind that many spices and sour flavors can substitute your favorite condiment. Chilies, flavored vinegars, all horizons are valid!

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