Kitchen. Your kitchen, a space to be arranged

Traffic in the kitchen

This is the basis of a successful kitchen plan. The study of the activity triangle allows to facilitate the circulation in the kitchen space by focusing attention on three poles: the preparation / cooking (worktop and plates), the washing (sink) and the storage (fridge / banners).

Whether the kitchen is L-shaped, U-shaped or with parallel worktops, the three poles of activity must be a triangle. It is by respecting this condition that you could prepare meals easily by avoiding unnecessary comings and goings between the different essential points of the kitchen.

Their choice of materials

Whether for the worktop or for the complete structure of the kitchen furniture, the choice of materials arises from the creation of the kitchen. Beyond the simple aesthetic aspect, the material used must also be easy to maintain. The kitchen is the part of the house where food stains, grease deposits and various projections are the most common. So you have to think about adopting a durable material that is easy to clean!

It is for all these reasons that today wood is as popular in modern kitchens as it is in country and rustic kitchens. Le chêne massif is a material highly valued for its durability, nobility and strength.

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Integrate a dining area

In the kitchen it is a real piece of life in the house. That’s why you can think of creating a full-fledged dining area. In addition to a real dining room, where you can receive guests during the events, the dining area in the kitchen can allow you to eat quickly and exchange with the family.

Lots of storage!

It seems obvious that a functional and practical kitchen must meet the storage needs of everyday use. It is therefore necessary to design a kitchen with functional and simple storage.

To be perfectly organized, a kitchen must juggle deep drawers and height-adjustable cupboards.

For small kitchens, pot-height cupboards save space. However, for those who enjoy enough space for their kitchen, it is better to think about creating easily accessible storage.

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