La cuisine méditerranée, a gastronomic voyage

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La cuisine méditerranée is rich in saviors and nutrition. It is mainly composed of fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk and olives. La viande is usually eaten in small quantities. Les plats are often accompanied by bread and wine.

Reconnue comme l’une des cuisines les plus saines au monde, it favors a balanced diet and contributes to the prevention of many diseases.

Un voyage gastronomique à ne pas manquer : Mediterranean cuisine is a rich and varied cuisine influenced by Mediterranean cultures. It has a strong culinary tradition, which makes it possible to easily adapt to different types of cuisines from around the world and to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

La cuisine méditerranée, c’est quoi?

Frais and epic products form the basis of the kitchen, which offers a wide variety of plates, savings and textures. Mediterranean cuisine is also known for its wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The typical foods of the Mediterranean cuisine include vegetables, fruits, céréales, légumineuses, olives, le poisson, la viande, le fromage et le wine. Most Mediterranean dishes are relatively simple to prepare and do not require many ingredients.

Très popular all over the world, it is often associated with health and well-being. Scientists have shown that people who follow a Mediterranean diet have a reduced risk of heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Le bassin méditerranéen consists of several countries that have a very varied cuisine, especially Spanish cuisine, Italian cuisine or Greek cuisine. Les recettes de cuisine méditerranée are very popular in les pays du Maghreb, in sub-Saharan Africa and even in Asia.

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean specialties to discover

Rich and varied cuisine, they developed in fil des siècles à partir de traditions culinaires des peuples who lived in the Mediterranean region.

Today, you can find Mediterranean dishes in many countries, but the most well-known specialties are those from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Parmi les méditerranées les plus célèbres, on peut citer la ratatouille (a dish of vegetables cooked à la tomato), la paella (a rice cooked with vegetables and seafood), la pizza, les pâtes alla carbonara (cooked pasta ) avec du bacon et du fromage) et le gâteau au citron (a typically Italian gâteau au citron).

It is characterized by the abundant use of olive oil, aromatic herbs, tomatoes and peppers.

If you have the opportunity to travel to the Mediterranean countries, you don’t know to taste local specialties! You serez us pas déçu!

La cuisine méditerranée, une cuisine saine

The kitchen is healthy because it is rich in fruits, vegetables and fish. She is also poor in fats and sugar. In addition, it allows you to discover new tastes and new saviors.

Generally composed with poisson, crustaceans, seafood, legumes and aromatic herbs, the dishes are generally served with a glass of olive oil.

Le pain is a very important ingredient for Mediterranean cuisine. There are several varieties of pains: le pain pita, le pain à l’anis, les pains au sésame, le pain aux noix ou encore les panisses.

Vegetables and vegetables are very present. These include tomatoes, onions, courgettes or encore poivrons. On y trouve également des pommes de terre et du mais.

Issue of a long tradition of interaction between the different communities of the Mediterranean on retrouve dans la cuisine méditerranéenne des plats très simile d’un pais à l’autre du bassin méditerranée. Très riche en saveurs et elle peut is declined in different forms.

La cuisine méditerranée, une cuisine gourmande

Les amateurs de bonne cuisine will discover the unique saviors of Mediterranean cuisine. Les produits frais de la mer et de la terre sont à l’honneur, et les plats sont prepared with care and passion.

Elle offers a wide variety of plates, du plus simple au plus elaborate. On y retrouve des soupes, des salads, des plats de poisson or de viande, des legumes, des pâtes, des desserts… Il y en a pour tous les goûts!

It’s also a healthy and balanced cuisine. The dishes are usually low in calories and rich in essential nutrients. C’est une ideal cuisine pour ceux qui souhaitent manger sainement tout en se regalant.

So you can enjoy the good cuisine, do not hesitate to discover the unique saviors.

La cuisine méditerranée, a convivial cuisine

Convivial cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine is based on the principles of health and well-being. Mediterranean foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which make them excellent for health. In addition, most Mediterranean foods are rich in fibres, which make them very digestible. Finally, the recipes are usually très épicées, which makes them très savoureuses.

La cuisine méditerranée, une cuisine du soleil

La cuisine méditerranée is a cuisine du soiree. Elle is rich in fruits and vegetables, aromatic herbs and olive oils. Elle est légère, saine et savoureuse.

La Méditerranée is a privileged region for olive cultivation. L’huile d’olive is an indispensable ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine. Elle is used for cuisiner, pour assaisonner et pour faire des salads.

Fruits and vegetables are another richness of the Méditerranée. Les tomates, les aubergines, les courgettes, les poivrons, les melons, les oranges, les citrons and les figues are some of the typical fruits and vegetables from the region. Ils generally used frais, in les salads or en accompaniment.

Aromatic herbs are very present in Mediterranean cuisine. Thyme, basil, mint, rosemary and origan are some of the most commonly used herbs. Elles donnent aux plats une saveur unique et delicieuse.

Mediterranean cuisine is a salty and savory cuisine that offers a wide variety of plates. It is rich in fruits and vegetables, olive oils and aromatic herbs, which has a unique taste. Et bonne nouveau it can be adapted to different types of diets.

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