La Fédération Française de l’assurance (FFA) proposing facts to “redraw health insurance”

On October 13, the French Insurance Federation (FFA) published the son «livre blanc» for « redesign health insurance for the benefit of a system of value for all French people ».

Whether it is equality in terms of access to care, support for care pathways, prevention or control of health spending, supplementary health insurers, along with the government, want to address these challenges. . Because they already have actors involved in access to care: 96% of French households are covered by supplementary health insurance, which accounts for almost 13% of the cost of health care. With regard to optical, dental or hearing aids, this rate increased to almost 70%, 43% and 23% respectively.

Through the publication of this 48-page document, the health insurers from the FFA makes several concrete proposals to make the complementarity between social security and health insurers more effective, and to make us health system more efficient.

The FFA identifies three objectives « structuring in favor of the French »:

  • Transforming the governance of our health care system to encourage public-private partnerships to strengthen system efficiency and quality;
  • Favor a value-creating trajectory for patients, caregivers, those who accompany them and, more broadly, for all French people;
  • Unleashing the full potential of insurers to enable them to better respond to the particular situations of our fellow citizens and to leave no one behind.

Pour and answer, five proposals are listed:

  • Adapt the existing regulatory framework, especially that of the responsible contract, to give insurers a margin of action and innovation for the benefit of the French;
  • Develop the field of partnerships with health professionals to enhance the new form of care and support for the French;
  • Redefining the territories of full coverage by insurers in a logic of collective efficiency;
  • Strengthen the state-insurer partnership in prevention missions, which in many ways remains the weak point of our health care system;
  • Extend access to essential health insurance to people who are likely to give up care due to particularly limited incomes, by adapting taxation.

At the dawn of the 2022 presidential election, the FFA recognizes that our health care system is time for election. Health insurers believe that the French, in the face of possible developments in the health system (privatization or nationalization), the desire of the majority to maintain a dual system, rather of a nationalization, seems counterproductive and ” facing fears of two-speed health, rising health care costs and degraded care ».

It remains to be seen whether these proposals will be welcomed by future presidential candidates and will be echoed in certain programs.

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