La Pizza Margherita is the best recipe of Italian cuisine

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Italian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in the world. Elle is known for ses nombreuses recettes de pâtes, de pizzas and desserts. Italian cuisine is very varied, depending on the regions of the country. The plus current ingredients of Italian cuisine are tomatoes, olives, fruits and pains.

La cuisine italienne – les meilleurs recettes

Italian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in the world. Elle is known for ses plats savoureux and ses nombreuses variétés de pâtes. Pâtés are a staple of Italian cuisine and there are many ways to prepare them. Spaghetti bolognaise and lasagne are two of the most popular dishes in the world. La pizza is very popular in Italy and is found in many Italian restaurants. Focus on this Mediterranean specialty.

Pizza Margherita: to the original recipe

La margherita, c’est la pizza phare, essential from Italian culture

At Pizza the daisy it is garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, salt and olive oil. This pizza is aux couleurs du drapeau italien. Le secret de fabrication is une très bonne farine riche en gluten.

Original pizza margherita recipe (for 4 people):

Pour into pâte à pizza :

– 400 g of flour

– 22 cl d’eau tiède

– 3 g of dry baker’s yeast (one coffee spoon)

– 6 g of fine salt (2 coffee spoons)

– a pincée de sucre (optional)

– a soup spoon of extra virgin olive oil (optional)

Pour the filling :

– 300 g of tomato coulis or tomatoes en boîte de qualité

– 150 g of mozzarella

– 4 basil leaves

La pâte à pizza

Mixture of baker’s yeast with fine salt and flour. Pour l’eau tiède petit à petit, mélanger et pétrir until a flexible pâte is obtained. Add the flour mixture to the remaining ingredients. Mélanger avec la spatula et pétrir encore a few instantes to obtain a homogeneous paste. Laisser reposer pendant 30 minutes at room temperature.

Add the tomato or tomato coulis and mix carefully to avoid lumps.
Spread the dough on a pizza plate in small circles and leave it to rest for at least 2 hours.
Preheat the oven at 220°C.

To the garnish
Cut the mozzarella into slices about 5 cm thick. Spread the tomato coulis on the pâte à pizza. Place some pieces of mozzarella on top and close the edges with another slice of mozzarella.

When cooking
Place the cherry tomatoes on top of the pizza, add the citron rondelle, a few leaves of basil ciselees and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 220°C (thermostat 7).

Serve with a coulis of fresh tomatoes.

La Pizza Margherita Italian recipes

Italian cuisine is rich in savings and ingredients. Tomatoes, garlic, basil and cheese are some of the ingredients most used in Italian dishes. Les pate are often accompanied by tomato sauce and viande. La viande is usually stewed with vegetables and served with a tomato sauce or bolognese sauce. Pizzas are usually garnished with fromage, pepperoni and vegetables.

Italian desserts are very popular. Ice cream, tiramisu and gelato are some of the most popular desserts in Italy. La glace is usually served with coffee or chocolate. Le tiramisu is a dessert based on coffee and mascarpone. Le gelato is a dessert based on crème glacée and is often garnished with fruit.

To traditional Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is a rich and varied cuisine influenced by the culture and history of Italy. Typical dishes of Italian cuisine are pizza, pate, risotto, soups and salads. Italian cuisine is famous all over the world for its simplicity and richness in savings.

Typical ingredients of traditional Italian cuisine are tomatoes, eggplant, olives, oignon, basil, thyme and oregano. La cuisine italienne is usually very epic, with many plates using forti spices. Pasta and pizza are usually accompanied by tomato sauce, fruit and aromatic herbs. Les risottos are often garnished with vegetables, meat or fish.

La cuisine italienne traditionnelle is usually very healthy, because it uses beaucoup de legume frais and peu de viande. The dishes are usually accompanied by a pain frais and an Italian wine.

La cuisine italienne moderne

La cuisine italienne moderne is a mixture of Italian culinary traditions and foreign influences. Les chefs italiens have adopted many techniques of cuisson and food preparation from other culinary cultures, still preserving the typical ingredients and saviors of la cuisine italienne.

La cuisine italienne moderne is characterized by an intensive use of aromatic herbs, spices and olive oils. The dishes are usually very tasty, less caloric. Pasta and pizza are still popular, but there are also many new recipes for soups, stews and dishes based on meat and fish.

Many Italian chefs were trained abroad and brought with them techniques and ideas they acquired. These foreign influences are often manifested sous la forme d’ingrédients exotiques or de préparations audacieuses. However, Italian chefs have kept the essence of Italian cuisine and focus on the saviors and typical ingredients from the country.

Modern Italian cuisine offers food lovers a great event of delicious and healthy plates. Pasta and pizza are still popular, but there are also many new recipes for soups, stews and dishes based on meat and fish. Les amateurs de bonne nourriture ne manqueront pas de découvrir de novelties salvati and new ways of preparing their plats préférés.

La cuisine italienne regional

Italian cuisine is extremely rich and varied, as the reason for the diversity of regions and composition. From the Italian peninsula to the islands, passing through the mountains and the plains, each region has its own culinary specialties, influenced by the local products and the culinary tradition.

La cuisine italienne regional is a real gastronomic voyage, where you can discover many typical plates. Parmi les plus célèbres, on peut citer la pizza neapolitane, les pâtes alla carbonara, la lasagne bolognaise or les risottos milanais. Chaque region and other specialties of its own, such as faimeuses focaccia genovesi, les arancini siciliens or les cannoli siciliani.

Italian cuisine is famous for many products and wines. Parmi les fromages les plus populaires, on peut citer le gorgonzola, le provolone ou le pecorino. When it comes to wines, Italy has more than 1,000 different varieties, among which we can mention chianti, barolo or prosecco.

In tasting regional Italian cuisine, on an impression of voyager à travers le pays et de découvrir sa richesse et sa diversité. A unique gastronomic experience à ne surtout pas manquer!

Les plats typiques de la cuisine italienne

Italian cuisine is the best, best known and most appreciated cuisine in the whole world. Elle is characterized by its multiple plats délicieux et typiques, which are often accompanied by pain frais, fromage and wine.

Among the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine, we can mention pizza, pasta, lasagne, risotto and tiramisu. La pizza is probably the most famous Italian dish in the world, and it is usually accompanied by fromage, tomatoes and olives. Patties are very popular in Italy, and can be served in many different ways, with various sauces and ingredients.

Lasagne is a typical Italian dish composed of many canapés of pâte, tomato sauce and fromage, and risotto is a rice dish cooked to perfection and accompanied by various ingredients, comme des legumes, du fromage or du saffron. Le tiramisu is a typique Italian dessert composé de biscuits à la cuillère imbibés with coffee and mascarpone and is generally recovered by cocoa powder.

Italian cuisine and health

La cuisine italienne is a cuisine les plus saines du monde. In effect, elle is rich in fruits and vegetables, in olive and fish oils. In addition, elle est relatively pauvre en viande et en fromage.

These characteristics are very important for health. In effect, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which help prevent cardiovascular disease. Olive oils are also very good for the heart because they contain fatty acids. Finally, les poissons are rich in omega-3, which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, on peut dire que la Italian cuisine is very healthy and very beneficial for health.

Italian cuisine and bien-être

Italian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in the world. Elle is known for ses plats savoureux and ses nombreuses options de bien-être. La cuisine italienne is rich in savings and nutrition, making it a great option for those looking to improve their health. Many Italian dishes are made with fresh and natural ingredients, which make them healthy and nutritious. Italian cuisine offers many well-being options, and includes des recettes saines and des conseils de nutrition.

La recette italienne is a classic of Italian cuisine. It is simple to prepare and delicious. La recette italiene is an excellent choice for a family dinner or a repas entre amis.

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