L’assurance AppleCare+ vol et perte available in France, combien ça coûte?

AppleCare+ insurance for iPhone officially declines in France with an additional formula that covers protective cases or theft of the device. It is now possible to subscribe, que ce soit au moment de la commande ou depuis un iPhone neuf — si ce n’est pas encore le cas, patience, c’est en train d’être deployé.

When ordering an iPhone, it’s now possible to select AppleCare+ with in-home coverage or vol.

On ignorait les tarifs pratiqués of this new assurance jusqu’à présent. Puisque les conditions générales and other official documents are now available online, on sait à quoi s’en tenir. A cover for two years is manufactured from €149 to €289 depending on the iPhone, monthly policy (no duration limit)) costs from €7.49 to €14.49.

The prices of this new AppleCare+ formula are quite close to the US tariff ($11.49 per month or $219 once for the iPhone 11, for example). Recall that this assurance covers two incidents linked to a flight or to a loss of the device for a period of 12 months. The deductible is €129 for the replaced device.

À cela s’ajoutent les prestations habituelles d’AppleCare +, which cover jusqu’à deux incidents relevant de dommages accidentels par période de 12 mois. Attention, you and a franchise:

  • Damage affecting the screen or glass back: €29
  • Other types of accidental damage: €99
  • Vol ou perte: €129

If you opt for insurance, you must make sure that the function Localiser soit activée on iPhone (in general, c’est une bonne idée de l’activer même sans assurance) still have a long recovery process. He will have to erase the data of the volé or egaré device, deactivate it and transfer the ownership to AIG, the partner of Apple. After submitting the claim to Apple, you will need to complete the insurer’s website at this address.


AppleCare+ iPhone insurance with vol binetôt home coverage available in France


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