L’Assurance maladie launches Data pathologies, an open data platform for French health data

The Caisse nationale de l’Assurance maladie (Cnam) launched a new site on June 20: Data pathologies. It makes available to the general public, professionals and public decision-makers the data on the management of French pathologies, analyzed every year between 2015 and 2020 in the form of a medical map of medical expenses.

The technology solution was brought by Opendatasoft, a French company specializing in data visualization and sharing.

Make the data readable

Great producer of health data, this is not the first time Cnam has started open data. Each year, it publishes a report in which “she performs a number of analyzes and makes recommendations to improve care management“Damien Vergé, Cnam’s director of strategy, studies and statistics, told L’Usine Digitale. All this information is based on data published on his website.”In contrast, the content of the data was not highly valued. A number of them have been published in PDF format, which is not very interactive“He added.

Hence the idea of ​​creating a dedicated platform to allow everyone to have access to health insurance data and to simply understand. They propose an approximation of pathology (psychotropic treatment, diabetes, cancers, maternity …) and for the territory for 68 million insured persons on behalf of France. A tab also contains “date sources„Can be downloaded and reused as an API, notes Damien Vergé.

Algorithms are the identifiers of pathologies

The work done by the Cnam teams is therefore focused on “getting the word out” about care bills, whose anonymized information goes back to the National Health Data System (SNDS). Initially, the pathologies are identified using algorithms taking into account long-term conditions, diagnostic codes during hospital stays for the pricing of the stay, specific drugs for the treatment of certain pathologies and occasional other information.

From this work, 57 categories have been established, for example identification in the framework of cancer, 4 types (breast, prostate, lung and colon), each also differentiated as it is in the active phase of treatment or sous . supervision. These groups of pathologies are grouped into 17 broad categories. Secondly, expenditures are allocated to pathologies, except for hospital expenditures which are directly allocated taking into account the reasons for the stays.

A pool of knowledge for start-ups

Damien Vergé declares. “They can use it as a framing date depending on their areas, for example, the follow-up of certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, he added. It is more of an auxiliary than a tool to move them forward in their projects.

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