l’Assurance maladie will cancel 300,000 faux sanitary passes in the coming weeks

Doctors who have been treated have often been identified.

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Health Insurance will cancel 300,000 fake health passes in the coming weeks, Franceinfo learned on Wednesday (February 2nd) from Social Security, confirming information from the Figaro.

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In order to determine the health care passes to be canceled, the Health Insurance has identified doctors who allegedly vaccinated tens of thousands of people but deny having injected the slightest dose of vaccine. These doctors had in fact had their business card numbers stolen by organized networks that trade fake health passes.

The Health Insurance will therefore launch a two-stage technical procedure: it must first cancel the vaccination cycles of these 300,000 people and then be able to revoke their false health passes, which will no longer work when they wish in the future. enter a restaurant or bar.

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