L’Assurance maladie will launch a campaign to raise awareness among the French

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A national campaign on September 25 to raise awareness of heart failure.

SANTÉ – Heart failure, which affects at least 1.5 million French people and does not progress, is not well known, according to Health Insurance. Dans le même temps, she announced, on Tuesday, September 20, the launch of an awareness campaign on this chronic disease and its warning signs.

At the origin of one “deterioration in quality of life, repeated hospitalizations, death”cardiac insufficiency is « lourde de consequences », emphasizes the Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie (Cnam) in a statement. Or le nombre de personnes concernettes, currently « underestimated car les malades tardent à être diagnostiqués »should “Progressor of 25% tous les quatre ans”note t-elle.

Sur fond d’amelioration de l’espérance de vie, l’insuffisance cardaque augmente avec lâge, touching ainsi 10% des seniors de 70 ans et plus. And this disease mainly affects the elderly, “Incidence increases before 55 years, comme dans d’autres pays européens, en raison d’habitudes de vie délétères à la santé (smoking, sedentarité, diet)”it also applies to Cnam.

A national campaign

Jugeant cette pathology trop mal connue, especially des seniors, l’Assurance maladie will launch, on September 25, a national awareness campaign, under the slogan « Cardiac insufficiency: et si votre cœur essayait de vous dire quelque chose? »tell them.

Approaching the Journée Mondiale du Cœur on September 29, this campaign will be declined for the general public in the press, on radio, on television or on social networks.“improving knowledge of heart failure, warning signs and favoring early diagnosis, encouraging patients to speak with their doctor”.

“Unusual shortness of breath, quick seizures, œdèmes des pieds et des chevilles, excessive fatigue”… Isolated, we have no symptoms “pas specifics of the disease more their association or their recent occurrence must penser à une insuffisance cardaque”emphasizes ainsi l’Assurance maladie.

Ils sont à surverreur surtout après 60 years, especially for people already diagnosed with the risks« aggravation of the disease that can lead to decompensation, even hospitalization ».

Health professionals (doctors and paramedics) will be sensitive to Assurance maladie through their canaux d’informations specifics.

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