Latin cuisine have a menu!

All week, Catherine Sanchez strolls between the Ecole Valentin, Châteaufarine or the Montrapon district in Besançon to offer Mexican cuisine and its specialties: Burritos, bowl, Tortas, le tout préparé sous vos yeux! But do you know the common denominator of all these dishes? What are the must-have spices of this Latin cuisine.

Mexican cuisine is good plus goûteuse, varied and creative, unimaginable. A successful proxy trip that inevitably involves the discovery of local specialties, Mexican dishes based on simple but tasty ingredients with always the small tip of chili and jalapeno that goes well!

Catherine cuisine certain Mexican specialties, among the most typical. In terms of taste, opinions are very divided, so it’s up to you to judge! This is often a cuisine of poor peasants, made from corn flour but which can reach a high degree of refinement. But one thing is for sure, its cuisine will satisfy all palates even the most sensitive with real Mexican sodas as a bonus!

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