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Guillaume Galliot, a three-star chef from Caprice in Hong Kong, is also a huge fan of football and Paris Saint-Germain. And football does him good. Ezequiel Lavezzi has his towel ring at home. Marco Verratti even entrusted him with the kitchens for his wedding. Meet a man who knows how to please.


Hello Guillaume, how would you define your kitchen?
I do French cuisine, but since I’ve been in Asia for 18 years, it’s a cuisine that is dominated by small Asian influences. The techniques and products I use are those of French cuisine and I play a bit with the associations, some additions of citrus or small lemongrass broths for example, which want to give an Asian twist to traditional French cuisine. This Asian touch, it is natural, it is never forced. I never tell myself, I’m going to add yuzu to make it smell like Japan. It’s not me at all.

Comment Have you become a three-star chef in Hong Kong? What has been your journey?
I started learning an etoile restaurant in Tours, where I come from. Then I trained in Montpellier at the Jardin des Sens with Jacques and Laurent Pourcel. This is where I discovered the level of 3 Michelin stars. I did a year and a half in the South, I followed them to Paris when they opened the White House. Then I went to St. Barthelemy for a year before flying to Asia.

“Some people are going to do 3 stars for a few years and then tell themselves, in fact, it’s not for me, I’m going to line up and do something a little calmer. »

Going through a 3-star restaurant when you’re a young cook is like going through a big club’s training center when you’re a player?
Quite frankly, that’s totally it. It teaches the technical basics, the requirement, the discipline, the management of pressure. Quand j’arrive chez les frères Pourcel, with 30 people in the kitchen. It moves completely, there is a big nervousness, pressure. It was a new world. A world I loved and wanted to live in. To do this, you need to be talented, passionate and dedicated to a great career. Some people are going to do 3 stars for a few years and then tell themselves, actually, it’s not for me, I’m going to line up and do something a little calmer. Once I tasted it, I had the urge and ambition to stay in that world, the high-end world.

What is your personal history with football?
I played club for a few years when I was a kid in Tours, from about 8 to 12 years old. Then I did ice hockey. But when you start learning at the age of 15 or 16, you don’t have time to play sports in the club. On the other hand, I’ve been passionate about football since I was a kid. I’m a big PSG fan.

Which PSG players scored you?
Djorkaeff during his year in Paris, he was magical. He only played one season in 1995-96, when he won the European Cup. He was a player I loved a lot, I was sad when he left. Then I left France in 2002, but kept watching all the matches. It was the Ronaldinho era, I loved it too, even though we often spent games pulling our hair out. The 3-0 win against Marseille remains a lasting memory. Especially since in Saint-Bart, I share my camera with a Marseillais. (Laughter.) And then recently, I liked the early days of Pastore and Zlatan. It’s a whole different era, but I enjoyed myself.

“I watch almost every PSG game. When it’s the Champions League games, I set the alarm at 4 o’clock in the morning. »

With the time difference, can you see the meciuri?
I watch almost every PSG game. When it’s the Champions League games, I set the alarm at 4 o’clock in the morning. When I was younger, I didn’t go to bed for 3 or 4 years, I went to bed and I woke up. Then at the end of the game, I go back for a few hours. Then, what’s perfect is the Ligue 1 games on Saturday at 5 p.m. This is blessed bread for me. It’s 11 o’clock or midnight in Hong Kong, I’ve finished my work, taken a shower, opened a small beer, and settled on the couches. This is the perfect Saturday night.

Do you go to the park sometimes?
Every time I rent in France, I will arrange the return of matches according to the matches. Often when we play in the Champions League on Wednesdays, I arrange to arrive on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday night, I go to the stadium. I take the flight on Thursday noon and arrive in Hong Kong on Friday morning. It only takes me three days off. I go there with two or three friends, often in lodges. When I was younger, I was sometimes on the Boulogne side, sometimes Auteuil, but often in a corner.

A 3 star chef, when he goes to the stadium, does he have the right to eat a merguez sandwich?
Of course, this is even a mandatory step. When I go to the park, I love it. We drink two or three beers at the 3 Shells, a merguez sandwich and we go to the game. At the end of the match, we sometimes go to the Cardinal after the game to beat each other.

“Volver’s boss sometimes went to the Camp des Loges with his grill to prepare an asado and grill the meat for Pastore, Pocho and company.” »

Did your job allow you to meet a lot of footballers?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But since it’s a mouth-watering, passionate business, we quickly get along very well with our clients. These are worlds that go well together. Players like to have fun, go out, eat well, drink well. And then a lot of chefs are big football fans. When Ezequiel Lavezzi arrived in China, one of our mutual friends advised him to come to my house. We became friends and for the past 5 years we have seen each other two or three times a year. He is a fan of cooking, of good wine. Frankly, he has a good palate, Pocho.

Are certain footballers gastronomic maboules, aesthetes?
Marco Verratti, he likes good food, good pastries. He’s a guy who knows how to eat well. His restaurant, Giusé trattoria, in Paris is delicious. You eat wonderful products there. Last year, the Euro victory was celebrated there. There was Pocho too.

You already made one roast with Ezequiel Lavezzi?
No, once we had to make one, it was in Beijing and it was raining outside. No luck, when he had a great one grill at home, it could not be used. But for them Asad In Paris, there is a great Argentine restaurant where they all go, Volver. The boss even told me that from time to time, after training in Paris Saint-Germain, he would go to the Camp des Loges with his grill to prepare a roast and grill the meat for Pastore, Pocho and company.

What is Pocho’s cute catch?
Italian cuisine. I adore him. He’s a big fan of pasta. I know he had a private leader in Beijing. An Italian who made exceptional pasta. A very strong guy, but beyond that, Pocho is an epicurean, someone who loves to find out, who is easy to access. When preparing a trick, I ask myself many questions: “What else did you put in that dish, because I can’t taste the vinegar?” » He is very interested. He cooks a little too.

You have also become close to Marco Verratti, you have also cooked for his wedding.

Marco, I met him through Pocho. When we first spoke, it was as if we had met before. The fact that I’m a football fan and he’s a good cook, it quickly matched. And so I made two dishes for her wedding. I made a typical Singaporean dish called the Laks. It’s a bowl of noodles with cashews, lemongrass, ginger that I revisited in French sauce with a nice emulsion and lobster. And then we made a nice little entrance. Caviar crab salad with shellfish jelly. A classic. On the drink side, it was an Italian wedding, so we drank Sassicaia (a great Tuscan wine).

“I’d love to cook for Del Piero.” I was serving him the shrimp worked with strawberries which I am currently preparing. Or else one of my signature dishes: potato, caviar, champagne sauce. »

Which footballer would you like to cook for?
I met Zlatan at Marco Verratti’s wedding, I would love to receive him. I’m also a big fan of Alessandro Del Piero. I really like Juventus and I could watch my matches. The last time it was supposed to be in 2006 was at the Stadio Delle Alpi. I saw that Del Piero has restaurants in the USA. I would love to cook for him. I was serving him the shrimp worked with strawberries which I am currently preparing. Or else one of my signature dishes: potato, caviar, champagne sauce. This is a dish that throws. It’s generosity, wealth, delicacy, it’s very French as a dish. We don’t want it to stop.

Would you trade one of your stars for a Champions League?
(Laughter.) This is a very difficult choice. It’s daily work, a lot of training to get there. I would rather keep my third star and who win a Champions League. Every year, I’m hot, I believe in it. (Laughter.) To play in the Parc des Princes for the match against Manchester United, we were 3-1. I hope that in the next two or three years we will do it.

Is there a football culture in Hong Kong? Can you see matches in bars?
Hong Kong is more finance than football! Hard to find a bar that broadcasts games. I prefer to watch them at home, I have my little one established at home. I take all the possible packages and all the channels that broadcast football so as not to miss anything. Because streaming is out of the question. It jumps, it’s late …

“I have Dorian Lévêque’s jersey with which he won the 2014 French Cup final.”

Outside of Paris Saint-Germain, what are your biggest football emotions?
The 1998 and 2018 World Cups did something for me … In 1998, I was learning in Tours, I watched every game in a bar with the group of friends I grew up with. . I was 17, it was a great time. And Euro 2000, the big moment too. For the final, I was at the Place de la Comédie in Montpellier. Like everyone else, I thought it was dead. Equalization, it’s starting to rush everywhere. Dar de Trezeguet: the tables, the chairs, the beers flying on the Place de la Comédie. I had never seen that. An amazing moment.

With the footballers you know, you must have a nice collection of jerseys?
Actually, I have a lot of it. Pocho offered me his jerseys from PSG and the Argentine national team. I also have the one from Mascherano with Argentina, the one from Falcao in Monaco that Ludovic Giuly, another friend, offered me. I have a Del Piero that is beautiful with the former sponsor. Finally, I have a friend who played for Guingamp in Ligue 1. Dorian Lévêque, a left winger, a super nice guy. I know him through a caregiver friend who did the Annecy training center with him. I have the jersey with which he won the 2014 French Cup final.

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