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Lyon, the “world capital of gastronomy” since 1935, is a title that is not about to be released. However, it must be acknowledged, even if they do not reach our ankles, our neighbors have a few points. Burgundy, for example, is full of specialties, all of which we love: mustard, burgundy beef, gingerbread … Good news: nestled in the 1st arrondissement, the Comptoir Bourguignon restaurant celebrates traditional dishes in its region.

In a cozy and warm atmosphere, with its exposed stone walls, its canopy overlooking the kitchen, its bench and its large counter, it feels like home when you stop at the Comptoir Bourguignon.

Originally from Dijon, chef Alexis Billoux has made a terroir bourguignon to set up in Lyon with for the promise of showcasing his regional cuisine. When rescuers full of rescuers are found, works with products coming straight from Burgundy-Franche-ComtĂ© : the traditional meurette eggs with garlic breadcrumbs, the rabbit ravioli and their mustard cream, the unstructured apple crumble and especially the Burger Rossini Charolais, cu Mont d’Or, red onions, ketchup blackcurrant and potato doormat… Are you already dirty? It’s normal.

Surprising “wine list” and privatized vaulted cellar

Who says Burgundy, necessarily says good wines. So the Comptoir Bourguignon offers a map in his image, 100% bourguignonne, with a few exceptions. The big difference is in the experience for which chef Alexis saw things differently: not a “real” wine list in its own right, but an amazing experience that takes you to the heart of the restaurant : the wine cellar. Direction le fond du couloir to access this hidden room where you can find a large high table that can accommodate a small dozen people, surrounded by lockers filled with grands crus. There, you could choose which bottles will accompany your meal to go back into the room with.

Le Comptoir Bourguignon

14 rue Royale – Lyon 1er
Monday 19: 30-21: 00 and mardi on friday 12 am-1:30pm and 7:30 pm-9pm
Website – Facebook – Instagram

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