Le grand robot pâtissier by Smeg is less than €330

Boulanger a la solution: a discount of almost 30% on a pastry robot from the Smeg brand.

What food processor pas cher chez Boulanger is an inevitable promotion of the moment

Proposée à l’occasion de la braderie Boulanger (until August 22, 2022), this promotion concerns plus precisely the Smeg SMF02WHEU, a remarkable model par la grande taille de son bol. Avant d’en dire plus, rappelons les advantages that compareront les acheteurs.

At the moment, the device is available for €329.99 or €469.99 on the famous website. This represents a saving of exactly €140, i.e. 29% of the normal price. Autant dire que what cooking robot is more affordable than ever.

Advantages Côté, Boulanger offers fast delivery, the possibility to withdraw for free for the device in the store or in the drive, but also to pay for your purchase several times. The Le Smeg SMF02WHEU comes with a 2-year warranty, extendable to 3 years for just €35.

Smeg SMF02WHEU: a large bowl for a large food processor

With a capacity of 4.8 liters, it allows very large dishes. Livré avec 4 accessoires, il pourra especially pétrir, fouetter et battre. Ideal for pate (pain, pizza, brisée…), desserts or sauces, it displays a power of 800 watts.

Ses 10 vitesses s’adapteront à la delicatesse de chaque recette. Le SMF02WHEU d’ailleurs use a direct transmission motor. Located dans la tête, they transmit its power sans intermediary, requesting ainsi moins de puissance que d’autres modèles.

The Smeg appliance is supposed to be silent. The real plus, however, lies in durability. Its aluminum body ensures great robustness. In case of need, le fournisseur garantit même une disponibilité de ses pièces tachées for a minimum of 10 years.

À la cuisine, les offres and bons plans de Boulanger ne manquent pas. Pastry robots, but also kitchen balances, dishes, multicuiseurs… The site also registers reduced prices in other categories, such as IT or appliances. What are the needs of the moment, you find numerous advantages for all purchases. Enjoy bien de la braderie Boulanger pour tous les discovers.

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