Le marché américain de l’assurance dentaire expected to reach USD 8,932.91 million during the forecast period – Maghrebcity

Le rapport sur le marché américain de l’assurance dentaire personale detail market parts, new developments and analyze the product portfolio, the impact of national and local market players, emerging market revenue segment analysis opportunities, market regulation changes, les approbations de produits, les décisions strategics, les tendances des produits sur le marché lance. , geographic expansion and technological innovation. To understand market analysis and scenarios, contact us for analyst profiles and our team helps you create revenue-impacting solutions to achieve your desired goals.

Le marché américain de l’assurance dentaire personnel is expected to experience market growth during the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. It is expected to reach USD 8,932.91 million in 2028, according to an analysis by Data Bridge Market Research. La pénétration croissante de l’assurance dentaire is an important factor of market growth.

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The main actors covered by the report are Aetna Inc. (a subsidiary of CVS Health), Allianz, AFLAC INCORPORATED, Ameritas Mutual Holding Company, Delta Dental, Cigna., MetLife Services and Solutions, LLC, United HealthCare Services, Inc. (A subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group), Dentegra Insurance Company., LIBERTY Dental Plan, Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Anthem, Inc.), Humana Inc., The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Physicians Mutual, Renaissance Holding Company and United Concordia Companies, Inc., among others. De nombreux développements de produits are also initiated by global companies, which is also accelerated to the growth of the personal dental insurance market.

L’assurance dentaire is a type of insurance maladie conçu pour payer les traitements et les éléments liés aux soins dentaires. L’assurance dentaire aide les gens à obtenir une couverture pour les soins dentaires et les factures d’hôpital, ainsi que les medications and other expenses. Les polices d’assurance dentaire aident les gens à budgetétiser efficaciously le cost du maintien d’un sourire. L’assurance dentaire covers problems liés aux dents et aux gentives, ainsi que les soins préventifs, such as annual cleanings. The dental insurance does not cover procedures such as aesthetic surgery, dental prostheses, dental prostheses, implants, orthodontics, jaw alignment, maxillary surgery and maxillary surgery. Pour l’assurance dentaire, les gens choisissent un plan en fonction du fournisseur (dentiste) dont ils ont besoin et de ce qu’ils peuvent se permite. L’assurance dentaire requires une premium mensuelle, en fonction de l’assureure, de l’emplacement et du plan choisi. There are several types of dental insurance schemes: Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO), Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO), Dental Indemnity Plan, Discount Plan and Point of Service (POS).

For more information on the market analysis, refer to the résumé of the research report: – https://www.databridgemarketresearch.com/reports/us-dental-insurance-market

Étendue et taille du marché américain de l’assurance dentaire personal

Le marché américain de l’assurance dentaire personnel is segmented according to the type of regime, de la couverture, des procedures, de la démographie, des providers de services et des canaux de distribution. Cross-segment growth helps you analyze the growth and strategy of segments to get closer to the market and identify differences in their main application areas.

  • Based on plan type, le marché américain de l’assurance dentaire personnelle is segmented into Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO), Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO), Dental Indemnity Plan, Discount Plan and Plan Dental Point of Service (POS) . The Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) segment grew in the market share in 2021 due to: the possibility of selecting network and network dentists, and includes specialists, the coverage of most diagnostic and preventive services, and the reduction of attention time for dental services dental care Assistance-vous.
  • On the basis of coverage, the US personal dental insurance market has been segmented into lifetime coverage and temporary coverage. In 2021, le segment de l’assurance temporaire will have a plus large part of the market due to the monthly or annual supply of most dental insurance plans, affordable premiums based on different dental care plans and optional coverage for serious illnesses.
  • On the basis of procedure, the US personal dental insurance market has been segmented into primary services, essential services, and preventive and diagnostic services. The diagnostic and prevention services segment represents a plus large part of the market in 2021 due to factors such as frequent dental visits for routine exams, with 100% coverage from most preventive services, temps d’ attente plus courts et la disponibilité de divers soins dentaires préventifs. often plans
  • Based on demographic data, the US personal dental insurance market has been segmented into adults, adults and children. In 2021, the adult segment will have a higher part of the market, because people of this age group have the most dental problems, such as root canals, extractions, restorations of dental prostheses, etc. . .
  • On the basis of service provider, le marché américain de l’assurance dentaire personnelle has been segmented into private dental insurance providers and public dental insurance providers. The private providers of dental assurance will have a plus large part of market in 2021 in raison de facteurs tels que the availability of various dental regimes based on cost and the treatment, the possibility to choose a dentist selected by the user, des tempuri d’attente réduits et une attention plus personnalisée.
  • On the basis of distribution channel, the US personal dental insurance market is segmented into financial institutions, hospitals, clinics, e-commerce, direct sales, and others. In 2021, the direct sales segment will capture a larger part of the market due to the strong presence of dental insurance in the country, the need to provide high-level customer service and the ability to better understand them préoccupations often users regarding dental regimes.

Le marché de l’assurance dentaire personnel aux États-Unis provides details about competitors in the competitive landscape. Details include company profile, company financials, revenue generated, commercialization potential, R&D investment, new commercialization plans, United States introduction, manufacturing sites, and others. manufacturing installations, les strengths et les faiblesses de l’entreprise, les launches de produits, le pipeline de produits pilotes, les approbations de produits, les brevets, l’étendue des produits, benefits of the application, courbe de la ligne de vie technological. Les points de données furnis ci dessus ne concernent que le marché américain de l’assurance dentale personnel sur lequel la society se focus.

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