le robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart, en rupture de stocks en 2021, bientôt de retour en magasin, voici sa date de mise en vente

Il s’était sold comme des petits pains when it was first put on sale on December 6, 2021. After a new sale in the spring, the multifunctional Monsieur Cuisine Smart Silvercrest robot from Lidl is back in store à on the occasion of the fine holidays. d’année. As of Monday 5 December, the German brand will offer its famous electrical appliance in its 1500 supermarkets at a price of €429. Often, when Lidl’s ephémères sales, interested customers will have to lever de bonne heure to try to put to the main precious robots, then the product will be available until it is out of stock.

What are the characteristics of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot from Lidl?

Dernier-né des robots Monsieur Cuisine Connect, le Monsieur Cuisine Smart is capable of kneading, mixing, remuer, hacher, émincer, broyer, reduce en purée, émulsifier, cuire, faire revenir or encore cuire à la vapeur. Unlike its predecessors, this appliance can also make a fermenter, a slow cooker, cook eggs, prepare smoothies and cook sous vide. Equipped with a mixing bowl of 4.5 l in acier inoxydable, it also has a powerful deux fois plus puissant motor (1000 watts) that the last Monsieur Cuisine Connect, which allows especially de pétrir deux fois plus de pâte.

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A €70 discount for Lidl + loyalty card holders

A novelty of the Smart robot? It is pourvu from functional voice recognition with Google Assistant. The touch screen has, by the way, been reworked and enlarged. It now measures 8 inches, against 7 for previous models. Côté accessoires, l’appareil est fourni avec un batteur, un panier vapeur, une spatula or encore un bouchon doseur. The Cooking Pilot function, which contains 600 pre-loaded recipes with step-by-step instructions, is included in the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot. A note enfin que les detenteurs de la carte de delélité Lidl +, available free of charge on smartphone, beneficiaront d’une remise immediate de 70 € et obtiendront ainsi ce robot au prix unbeatable de 359 €.

Robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart Silvercrest by Lidl, on sale Monday, December 5, 2022.

Robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart Silvercrest by Lidl

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot was first sold for the 2021 holidays:

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