League of Nations – Blues starter Wissam Ben Yedder didn’t shine in Croatia (1-1)

Wissam Ben Yedder and the Blues. Les Bleus and Wissam Ben Yedder. What to do? By force, it will become a joke that could be summed up quite simply by numbers: 19 selections, 3 goals. And by a general impression, always the same as the releases: the Monegasque is not in its place in the tricolor collection. And weighs little. So yes, on Monday, he delivered a sumptuous decisive pass from the left foot to Adrien Rabiot, who perfectly finished the work of the same foot. Three touches of the ball to get back in the direction of the game and a deep ball marvel for the Turinese. But for the rest, the striker, who started for the sixth time in his career at the forefront of the blue attack, did not exist.

At the top, by the way, we hardly saw him. It is enough to look back on his game to realize that the meager number of balls he hit during the big hour of play spent on Split Meadow were too far from the truth zone. The only time he got close to the ball was on the right, he was eccentric on the right, about twenty meters from the goal line, much closer to the corner post than Livakovic, the Croatian goalkeeper. The rest of the time, the balls negotiated by the Monegasque were between 30 and 40 meters from the goal, on rebates, often back to goal. Never in a favorable position.

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“When you see Ben Yedder’s games, you can think of Giroud.”

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Nkunku, Kimpembe, Diaby… who scored the most points?

Who is to blame? An attacker is obviously dependent on the animation and its partners who, if they do not find it, also bear a share of responsibility. Christopher Nkunku and Moussa Diaby are in a favorable position in the combination, but they can’t do the same with Wissam Ben Yedder, who know a lot less. The unprecedented configuration of this eleven to ten new ones probably did not make the task of the actors easier. When speaking on a one-night stand, Didier Deschamps admitted without hesitation “Wissam was more isolated in the offensive phases” while emphasizing that “It didn’t stop him from making a decisive pass”.

I’m pretty satisfied

The main player regretted the epilogue of the match more than his performance in the background: “It was played on this penalty, I don’t know if there was an offside or not on the action. On arrival it made us a draw, a good catch. ., even though there was a lack of automatism between us (in attack), but it’s understandable because we never played together. I’m pretty satisfied but I’m a competitor, I would have liked to win so I’m a frustrated by this scenario and this tie at the end of the match. “

The concern is that Wissam Ben Yedder, 19 selecții și 3 goals, did not always end up in a configuration such as Split. The man with 25 goals in Ligue 1 leads a double life, brilliant in the club, desolate in the selection. Out of his 6 blue titles, he has regularly found himself at the heart of teams that will be described as “mixed”. This was the case in the previous one – a long time ago – against Finland (0-2, November 2020), or against Croatia (4-2, September 2020). But that has not always been the case. The previous year, notably in Albania (0-2, November 2019), WBY had lined up alongside the Griezmann-Giroud duo. A month earlier, with Coman and Griezmann at the Stade de France against Turkey. After 72 minutes, Giroud came in from the right with the intention of giving fc the lead, but his rocket of a shot rattled the crossbar. Ben Yedder didn’t exist tonight.

So yes, securitizations are sparse and not from yesterday. But unconvincing, every time. And his entries come into play, regularly neutral. Is it blocking? And that won’t change until the World Cup, given the cast of the tricolor attack. And even if someone were to miss the call, it is possible that another, Olivier Giroud, will pass in front of him, as was the case in March when Karim Benzema gave up the rally and the Milanese managed to make a comeback. triumphant and punctuated by two new goals, his 47th and 48th in selection. It’s easier to grow in a team. But it is the law of gender and every missed opportunity is a missed opportunity.

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