League of Nations, Day 1 – The Blues beat Denmark (1-2) despite a goal from Karim Benzema

Nightmare evening for the French Team. The Blues got off to a very bad start defending their League of Nations title. Le Danemark can be played in a villainous tournament for men by Guy Stéphan, who led the players in the absence of Didier Deschamps, on Friday night in Saint-Denis. While Karim Benzema had shown the way with a nice, dar, guest Andreas Cornelius, a surprise guest, offered himself a double to stop the series of seven victories of rank of France, all competitions combined. Beyond the defeat, he will monitor the health of Kylian Mbappé and Raphaël Varane, both of whom have left their partners due to injury, while there are still three games to play before the holidays.

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League of Nations

France, SOS Defense


France had every reason to be wary of Denmark, which proved that its place as a semi-finalist in the last Euro was far from being usurped. The Danes have indeed shown an ideal collective discipline to outwit disappointing Blues for most of the match, except in rare situations. They quickly shook the partners of Hugo Lloris, saved by his post on an attempt by Joakim Mæhle (4th). It was an alert not to be forgotten, as the first period was generally closed between two teams that struggled to let go of the horses. And, to make matters worse, Kylian Mbappé, hit in the knee, came out at the break.

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Lloris only delayed the deadline

At a time when the Bleus were finally locked in their match, with the impression of having a real hold on the match. It was just an illusion. This short-lived embellishment still allowed Karim Benzema, more than ever on a cloud, to open the scoring after a delightful double touchdown (1-0, 51st). The Real Madrid striker had been underpaid on previous occasions (13th, 15th, 48th), while he is the one who has struggled the most. Unfortunately, this 37th goal in the national team will leave a bitter taste for Benzema, who was not really followed by his teammates this Friday night. And as it was a very complicated match for France, Raphaël Varane imitated Mbappé. Then N’Golo Kanté hit the post on a beautiful shot (81st).

The Danes were thought to be at the bottom of the hole, they could no longer be so strong at the beginning of the second act. Then they managed to score when they least expected it. A true poison from the bench, Andreas Cornelius made a perfect call between two defenders to take back, from the tip of his foot, a millimeter cross from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (1-1, 68th). Denmark then surfed on this equalizer to make the Blues really doubt it. Hugo Lloris did what he could to postpone the deadline, with two decisive saves (71st, 86th). On the other hand, he can’t blame Cornelius for hitting in an ultra-closed angle, which further sanctioned the French defense by going behind him (1-2, 89th).

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This logical defeat, and deserved in the face of the too-intermittent face of Team France, may serve as a welcome, if not necessary, reminder for Didier Deschamps’ men. At the next match, the program will take place in Croatia on Monday. The Blues, winners of the previous edition of the League of Nations, will not have much time to ruminate and he will regain more confidence in the team before the World Cup in Qatar. There is still time to prepare for the competition, but rivals already seem ahead. In the wake of this very amazing Denmark.

League of Nations

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League of Nations

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