Léon Marchand unleashed gold at 200 meters 4 nations, at the third medal in Budapest

After being crowned in the 400 meters, 4 swims and a silver medal in the 200 meters butterfly, the Toulouse man continues to shine on these World Cups and continues, on Wednesday, in Budapest, the impressive son of 100% medals in three finals.

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Call him “Mr. 4 Swims.” Léon Marchand has decided to rule the world, at these championships in Budapest (Hungary). The Toulouse swimmer won the final of the 200 meters 4 swims (1’55 “22) on Wednesday, June 22, and at the same time improved his record set by France in the semifinals. ‘American Carson Foster (1′5571) and the Japanese Daiya Seto (1.56 “22) money on the 200 meter butterfly.

Exceptional Léon Marchand care relied on a monstrous new breaststroke to win a new world title, after the 400 meters 4 swims, the Frenchman offers himself the 200 meters 4 swims.

Even before the end of these Hungarian World Cups, Léon Marchand is already the hero of the Blues of swimming. More symbolic: 24 years after his father Xavier Marchand at the World Championships in Perth (Australia) in 1998, the son did better than dad’s silver medal.

“Frankly, it’s amazing!”, reacted directly, all smiles, the new world champion at the microphone of France Télévisions. He adds that a small detail was important before its final: “I saw the other Frenchmen before me doing two medals, I thought it was my turn, now.” Not to be missed for the Bob Bowman care protector who never ceases to praise this brilliant French team: “There’s a pretty special thing going on in this team, there are a lot of young people and we’re starting to do a lot of finals and medals.”

On his race, where once again it was on the breaststroke where the TOEC swimmer made the difference, he analyzes: “I kicked that position to see what was going on. Carson (Foster) came back strong on me in a crawl, but I managed to resist so it’s cool.” Merchant bets a lot on the second part of the race, because it is “After 100 meters” that he “There’s a lot of energy left. It allows me to be strong and that’s where I come back to the others.”

Leon Marchand seemed almost easy.  The thunderous Frenchman on his breaststroke confirmed his favorite position and won a second world title with this 200 meters 4 swims.

For his first world championships, the Arizona State student in the United States is already bringing back three medals, including two gold but keeping his head on his shoulders: “I know that swimming is a sport that is not easy. I learned a lot by going to the United States, doing the European Championships too.” At 20 years old, the future looks even brighter for Léon, a merchant of happiness and emotions.

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